Glass filled plastics

Glass fibre reinforced plastic, with the abbrevation GRP or GFRP, is a material in which a plastic matrix is modified by the addition of glass fibres. Glass fibres are the most commonly used reinforcing fibres in reinforced polymers.
The combination of the two materials improves the existing properties of a plastic material and adds new benefits. First and foremost, the mechanical properties benefit from these fibres. In particular, tensile and compressive strength improve enormously with the addition of glass fibres. In addition, glass reinforced plastic convinces with its chemical and dielectric properties as well as favourable costs. But also the thermal dimensional stability is improved with glass fibre reinforced nylon and other polymers.
However, for sliding friction applications, glass filled nylon should usually be avoided, as the glass fibres tend to exert a highly abrasive effect and can quickly cause the mating component to wear.
GRP plastics are classified according to the length of the reinforcing fibres used. In addition to short and long fibres, both of which can still be processed in the extruder, there are also continuous fibres. These have the highest stiffness and strength.
Ensinger offers a wide range of glass filled polymers with a fibre reinforcement ratio of between 25 and 50 %, depending on the product. In addition to short-fibre-reinforced semi-finished products, filaments and compounds, Ensinger also offers continuous fibre reinforced plates, organosheets as well as semi-pregs and prepregs.

Glas fibre reinforced compounds

TECACOMP PEEK 450 GF30 natural

Glas filled plastic rods, plates and tubes

TECADUR PBT GF30 natural
TECAMID 6 GF30 black
TECANAT GF30 natural

Glas fibre reinforced filament

PA filament TECAFIL PA6 GF30 black 1,75 Teaser
TECAFIL PA6 GF30 black - 1,75 mm

Glass fibre reinforced Composites

Glass fibre reinforced composites have been the standard when it comes to high mechanical requirements for decades. Ensinger offers a wide range of thermoplastic fibre composites with glass fibre fabric. Composites with glass fibre reinforcement are not only convincing due to their high stiffness, strength and dimensional stability, but also due to their good price-performance ratio. The TECATEC portfolio includes semi-pregs, prepregs, organosheets and plates with different fibre architectures and with a wide variety of matrix materials. From polypropylene to PEEK - Ensinger offers the right glass-fibre reinforced composite plastic for every application.
TECATEC PEEK GF50 S296 semipreg V01 Teaser
TECATEC PAEK GF50 S296 CP/IP/OS V01 natural
TECATEC PP GF45 T600 semipreg V01 Teaser
TECATEC PP GF45 T600 CP/IP/OS V01 natural
TECATEC PEEK GF50 S296 semipreg V01 Teaser
TECATEC PEEK GF50 S296 CP/IP/OS V01 natural
All glass filled plastics can be further processed at Ensinger. Processing options include machining, injection molding, 3D printing and more.