POM Pellet / POM Compounds

TECACOMP POM - POM granules from Ensinger

Ensinger develops and produces a wide range of POM compounds with a wide variety of property profiles. In addition, as an expert in the characteristics of POM plastic resin, we can also fulfill most customer-specific requirements of the POM plastic granules for special applications. All POM compound formulations are suitable for injection molding.

Tribologically optimised POM plastic granules: TECACOMP POM TRM

Ensinger has developed TECACOMP POM TRM natural, a construction material for sliding applications with excellent lubrication and wear properties. The sliding properties of POM which are already very good, are significantly improved in this tribologically optimised compound by the use of silicone oil.

Detectable POM compound: TECACOMP POM ID blue

For the food industry, we have developed a special blue detectable material based on POM-H, called TECACOMP POM ID blue. Compared to other compounds in the market, this modified acetal compound from Ensinger has very good  detectability in both metal detection (inductive) and X-ray detection methods.