PEI machining

Machined PEI parts from Ensinger

Our PEI semi-finished products are based on the ULTEMTM raw material from Sabic. Consequently, most users usually refers to ULTEMTM machining instead of PEI machining. Like most thermoplastics, the machinability of ULTEMTM plastic is very good due to its material properties. Both the machining of ULTEMTM 1000 (unfilled) and the machining of ULTEMTM 2300 (30 % glass fibre filler) are possible with high precision thanks to our extensive expertise.

PEI materials for machining

Semi-finished products are processed into ULTEMTM machined parts in various modifications.
TECAPEI natural
TECAPEI GF30 natural

We machine PEI shapes which are manufactured internally in our production facility. In addition, we can also machine your alternately sourced PEI materials on request. To do so, please contact us via the contact form.

ULTEM™ machined parts - application examples

ULTEMTM plastic machining in the two manufacturing processes of turning and milling enables the production of customised components that meet the highest requirements. 
With the material PEI, Ensinger can also bring material-saving injection molded blanks or industrial profiles into their final geometry by finish machining. This process is developed and implemented in close cooperation with the customer and other Ensinger divisions.

Connector mounting

  • High strength and rigidity
  • Not electrically conductive
  • Near net shape design

Machined from TECATEC PEI GF50 FR natural.