High temperature polyimide TECAPOWDER PI improves the performance of lithium batteries

Demand for electric vehicles and energy storage systems is rising. A key factor when it comes to competitiveness vis-à-vis combustion engines and acceptance of the systems is the battery technology. Progress in the field of electrical performance is considerable. For example, the energy density of lithium-ion batteries has almost doubled within the past ten years.

Manufacturers of electric vehicles face the challenge of developing innovative batteries with improved charging and discharging rates. The decisive factors in a long service life – even after several charging cycles – are the adhesion and thickness of the coating. Here, highly adhesive, soluble high temperature polyimides are used as binding agents. 

Performance improvement

Acting as an electrode binder, the fully imidised polymer TECAPOWDER PI improves the performance both of batteries with lithium ions and those with lithium-ceramic technology. The high performance plastic processed by Ensinger Sintimid in Lenzing (Austria) is a thermally stable, co-polyimide-based binding agent and can bind with highly polar solvents. As a result, TECAPOWDER PI improves the performance of anodes, cathodes and separators in batteries.

PI Powder versus PVDF

PI P84 powder, reversible capacities in comparison to PVDF

Less expansion coefficients

P P84 powder, degree of swelling

Properties of TECAPOWDER PI

Highly adhesive, soluble P84 co-polyimides, when used as binders in heavy-duty anodes on a Si/C basis, in particular improve the electrochemical properties (cycling performance and rate capabilities) but also simplify the anode preparation process. 
  • High thermal resistance
  • Non flammable and non meltable
  • Good insulation
  • Good adhesion to metals
  • Good wear resistance at elevated temperatures
  • Very good creep resistance
  • High compressive strength
  • Very high glass transition temperature
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • High purity
  • Good plasma erosion
  • Low outgassing

Product range

In battery manufacture the polymer can be applied in dissolved form or using a dry-coating technique. Ensinger offers TECAPOWDER PI for the production of high performance lithium batteries in lots of different variants, from solution-quality granules through to fine powder.


TECAPOWDER PI solution grades - granules for the production of polyimide solutions:

TECAPOWDER PI fine mesh grades - For use in dry-coating processes