PVDF machining

Machined PVDF parts from Ensinger

Ensinger sells semi-finished PVDF products made of the high performance plastic PVDF under the brand name TECAFLON. Ensinger uses these PVDF stock shapes, which are manufactured in-house, to produce sophisticated machined PVDF components to customer specifications and supplies the machined parts to many industries and sectors thanks to the material's excellent property profile and high quality standards. Thanks to our decades of experience in the processing and machining of high performance plastics, Ensinger is regarded as having great expertise in PVDF machining.

PVDF plastics for machining

Ensinger manufactures customised machined parts from PVDF from the following plates and rods.
Conducting PVDF, TECAFLON PVDF ELS black

We machine PVDF semi-finished products that are produced internally in our production facility. In addition, we can also machine your locally sourced PVDF materials on request. For this purpose, please contact us via our contact form.

Machined PVDF parts - application examples

Using standard machining techniques such as PVDF milling and PVDF turning, our team manufactures high precision components. The machined finished parts can be produced classically from PVDF semi-finished products as well as from injection molded PVDF blanks and customer specific profiles. For larger quantities and geometric shapes where a lot of material has to be machined, these possibilities often result in potential savings.  

Gear wheel

made from TECAFLON PVDF, 3D-print and machined

Valve body