PEEK injection molding

Injection molded PEEK parts

Ensinger is one of the largest PEEK processors in the world. We have more than three decades of experience in PEEK plastic injection molding and produce more than 50 million components per year at our four global injection molding production sites. Developing individual component solutions tailored to our customers' requirements is a priority for us.

As a solution provider, we are experts in injection molding customised high performance PEEK parts. We are a reliable supplier of injection molded PEEK for the medical industry, the mobility sector such as aerospace and automotive, the semiconductor industry and for other industrial and electronic applications.

Injection molding of PEEK compounds - tailored to your application

While we primarily process high-performance thermoplastics such as commercially available PEEK, we are also capable of making PEEK compounds tailored to your specific application. We develop and produce such customised PEEK materials in-house to ensure the optimum property profile for your requirements. Examples of these materials are fibre reinforced and tribologically optimised grades for high load mechanical injection molded products,  LDS PEEK for the MID-technology, and special PEEK grades for medical, food and pharmaceutical industries. 
For our PEEK materials we have designed an internal system of closed loop material cycles. This allows us to recycle sprues or start-up scrap from the injection molding process in a controlled manner for internal compounding, and to protect our environment. In addition, we also process high quality, unmixed recycled materials from external sources.

PEEK injection molding technology

Our injection molding machines and tools are specially designed for processing PEEK and other high-performance plastics. We produce PEEK molded parts with the highest reliability and quality meeting various industry standards.  Our injection molding technology is also economical in small and medium lot sizes. 
Through optimal processing and mold tempering, we create the necessary semi-crystalline part that fully exploits the unique properties of PEEK.
It is also through highly integrated control technology that we guarantee a stable process at all times resulting in components with the highest precision and exacting tolerances.  Molded parts needing PEEK overmolding or insert molding technologies are also possible.

For precise molded PEEK parts, it is of paramount importance to ensure the PEEK polymer is optimally dried prior to molding. Our state-of-the-art material preparation system ensures optimal drying of PEEK material by removing all residual moisture, while also suppling the injection molding machines in a closed and monitored system.

Why Ensinger for PEEK injection molding?

As a premium PEEK injection molding supplier the development of individual solutions tailored to your application is our priority. We always start with the optimal choice of material, ensure that the part is designed to suit the plastic, and use all available simulation tools to optimise the PEEK part and mold at an early stage of development.
Among other things, our solutions also help improve your productivity, efficiency and carbon footprint.

Injection molding and more

We offer the entire value chain: in-house manufactured PEEK polymer compounds, PEEK injection molding technologies, CNC machining, assembly of  parts and other value-adding secondary operations. 

Metal substitution and improved weight-performance ratio

For many applications, PEEK is a suitable alternative to metal. We replace energy- and weight-intensive metal products with lightweight, high-strength PEEK components. These solutions help, for example, to increase the electric range of e-vehicles or reduce the fuel consumption of aircraft. We also overmold our own composite materials with PEEK polymer grades to obtain a particularly lightweight and high-strength product.

Saving PEEK material and costs

High-quality PEEK material types are pricey. Our practical experience in injection molding complex PEEK parts helps you save material and costs. In addition, injection-molded, near-net-shape PEEK blanks can be machined to final geometry using our in-house CNC machines. 

Improving efficiency and friction losses

Our special PEEK grades reduce material loss due to friction in various mechanical applications thanks to our expertise in injection molding very thin-walled and dimensionally stable PEEK components such as rings, washers or bushings. 

Innovative microsystems to replace silicon wafers

Ensinger offers a completely new approach with injection-molded PEEK microsystems. We combine many years of injection molding experience, a deep understanding of the individual components and innovative production methods - for wafers with high molding accuracy and flatness, customisable according to customer requirements.

Medical instruments and components for medical diagnostic equipment

PEEK plastics and customised PEEK compounds are particularly suitable for use in medical laboratories or hospitals. The plastics are sterilizable and durable.