PC machining

Machined PC parts from Ensinger

CNC machining polycarbonate into finished parts is possible at Ensinger Machined Parts using the two classic processes of PC CNC milling and turning. Colloquially, this is also often referred to as acrylic glass milling. The polycarbonate cnc machinability can be classified as good. The high dimensional stability is particularly striking.

PC plastics for machining

We can machine polycarbonate finished parts from the following materials:
TECATEC PC CW50 PL V01 natural
TECANAT GF30 natural
TECANAT natural

We machine polycarbonate stock shapes that are produced internally in our production facility. In addition, we can also machine your outsourced PC materials on request. To do so, contact us via our contact form.

Machined PC parts - application examples

Ensinger is a specialist in polycarbonate machining. Our team has a wealth of experience in achieving the tightest tolerances and high surface quality through optimised machining parameters in polycarbonate turning and milling. Ensinger Machined Parts is a reliable partner for precision machining of components according to customer drawings, such as:

  • Electrical engineering: Housings and covers
  • Semiconductor industry: Optical storage media
  • Medical technology: various disposable products
  • Optical technology: Lenses and sight glasses