PPSU Filament

TECAFIL PPSU - PPSU 3D filament manufactured by Ensinger

Our TECAFIL PPSU filaments are based on the amorphous base polymer polyphenylene sulfone.
Due to the high temperature resistance of up to 220 °C (glass transition temperature), PPSU filament is considered heat resistant. Moreover, it has a low moisture absorption and a high dimensional stability.
The PPSU filament is also particularly resistant to hydrolysis and, like the 3D printed applications made from it, is also suitable for repeated hot steam sterilisation.

Extensive product portfolio of ppsu filaments

Due to their advantageous properties, PPSU filaments are suitable for numerous applications. The high temperature resistance as well as the hydrolysis resistance make PPSU filaments particularly relevant for use in the aerospace and medical industries.

In addition to the universally applicable TECAFIL PPSU natural, we offer two PPSU filaments explicitly manufactured for the medical industry. With our medical grade filament portfolio, we offer biocompatible filaments that have been produced according to ISO 13485 and tested resp. evaluated for biocompatibility according to standard ISO 10993-1, -4, -5, -18 and meet the specified requirements for contact of up to 24 hours with skin and tissue and, if applicable, indirect contact with blood.


Unfilled filaments:

TECAFIL PPSU filaments are suitable for a wide range of industrial printers as long as they meet the recommended process parameters. All information on material properties as well as processing parameters can be found on the product detail pages.

Our TECAFIL PPSU filaments can also be processed into a 3D printed PPSU part at Ensinger. You can find more information about PPSU 3D printing at Ensinger here: