Acetal rod / POM rod

Ensinger extrudes POM / acetal plastic stock shapes for further processing. These are available as acetal rod, sheet or plate and tube. Acetal rods are manufactured and sold under the brand name TECAFORM. Acetal plastic is usually divided into POM-H (acetal homopolymers) and POM-C (acetal copolymers) due to the different properties. Both versions of acetal rod are available in our extensive POM rod portfolio: POM-C rod is available under the brand name TECAFORM AH and POM-H rod under TECAFORM AD. The highest standards of material quality and processability apply to all acetal bar produced by Ensinger. The very large portfolio of acetal rods includes numerous stock dimensions. Delrin® rod is also available and is manufactured using DuPont Delrin®. Acetal rods that require food compliance are even stocked as standard. 
Delrin® is a registered trademark of DuPont