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Thermoplastic Composites
Development and manufacturing

Thermoplastic composites

In the field of thermoplastic composites, Ensinger has outstanding design and engineering experience in development and manufacturing of parts for a wide range of industries. Our development services include layup design, material selection, mechanical simulation, prototype manufacturing, dimensional and mechanical testing. Depending on the requirements we develop new manufacturing processes and their automation. Our process portfolio allows us to manufacture stock shapes, moulded blanks for further machining, net shape parts and lightweight structures.

Development, Engineering and manufacturing

The potential of thermoplastic composites can be fully exploited only through an accurate development process, taking into account the peculiarities of the materials used, the manufacturing process, the part geometry and the financial boundaries. These properties influence each other, so it is mandatory to evaluate them in their entirety from the very beginning of the engineering phase.


Composite materials differ from traditional materials such as metals, ceramics and plastics in many ways, not least in the way they must be approached. The extensive possibilities to tailor them to one's requirements go together with some restrictions caused e.g. by the processing methods, therefore, an in-depth knowledge of the materials is required.




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Production Site

Our development centre and manufacturing site is located in Switzerland, not far from Zurich.

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