Thermoplastic composites in the oil & gas industry

In the oil and gas industry, materials are exposed to some of the harshest environments imaginable. Aggressive chemicals, wide temperature differences, extreme weather conditions and high mechanical loads place high demands on the substances used in these applications. High-performance materials are therefore indispensable. 
With thermoplastic composites for the oil and gas industry, we combine high-performance plastics such as PEEK and PPS with glass or carbon fibres to develop high-performance, resilient and highly resistant materials.

Benefits of thermoplastic composites for applications in the oil and gas industry

High performance even in demanding environments

Highly resistant to aggressive chemicals and temperatures from -70 to 260 °C (long-term use).

High mechanical strength

By combining high performance plastics and glass or carbon fibre, we produce highly resilient fibre composites that are ideally suited to the oil & gas industry.

Optimally tailored to your application

Our in-house production of fibre reinforced composites enables us to manufacture materials tailored precisely to your needs, providing maximum flexibility.

Our portfolio for the oil and gas industry:

In addition to our fibre composites for the oil and gas industry, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions. We cover the entire process chain  from raw material to end application  in-house. This ensures short lines of communication, the highest possible quality, maximum flexibility and complete traceability of customer orders.
TECATEC PEEK CF50 T200 semipreg V01 natural Teaser

TECATEC PEEK CF50 T200 CP/IP/OS V01 natural

Lightweight and resilient to high temperatures, this FAR25.873-certified composite opens up a wide range of possible applications.
TECATEC PPS CF50 T200 semipreg V01 Teaser

TECATEC PPS CF50 T200 CP/IP/OS V01 natural

This PPS CF50-composite is characterised by its very high strength and rigidity even at high temperatures as well as its elasticity, strength and dimensional stability.
TECATEC PA12 CF50 T200 organosheet V01 Teaser

TECATEC PA12 CF50 T200 CP/IP/OS V01 natural

TECATEC PA12 CF50 T200 natural is a thermoplastic composite with excellent mechanical properties and low thermal expansion.

Uses & Applications

  • Oil and gas sealing solutions
  • Downhole equipment