Custom profiles for the oil and gas industry

Industrial profiles for the oil and gas industry have especially stringent requirements. These include high resistance to aggressive chemical environments, high corrosion resistance and resistance to temperature fluctuations as well as reliable performance under heavy loads; all while maintaining maximum efficiency combined with low weight. Industrial profiles made of high-performance plastics offer users the ability to create parts that are up to 40 % lighter than components made of aluminum or steel, and also provide an advantageous combination of mechanical, chemical and thermal properties.

Profiles from Ensinger are custom made and can be tailored to your requirements in terms of geometry, dimensions and material. In addition to profile extrusion, we also offer continuous fibre reinforced profiles produced by thermoplastic pultrusion. 

Safe, reliable and strong: industrial profiles made from high-performance plastics

Durable and resistant:

High resistance to aggressive chemical and harsh environments such as salt water, hydrocarbon or UV radiation.

Low maintenance and safe:

Materials are corrosion resistant, highly durable and withstand wide temperature variations.

Light and efficient:

High weight savings compared to aluminium or steel for easier installation and simplified operation.

Application examples

  • Parts and equipment for ROV.
  • Pipelines
  • Connectors (electronics and communication)
  • Support frames (e.g., equipment for pipe repair, T-slides, subsea eruption crosses).
  • Components of subsea eruption crosses & wellheads.
  • Guidance systems