Injection molding for sustainable & smart mobility of the future 

In addition to a high flexibility in terms of time and space, sustainability in particular is a core issue of modern individual transport. Innovation for future mobility includes devices being individual, green and smart. The vehicles of tomorrow will be connected, autonomous, shared, and battery-powered or have other alternative power trains. 

One of the key success factors for these new technologies will be the greater use of functional plastics.
Injection molding and the advantageous property profile of high-performance plastics make many developments and innovations in the electrification of mobility solutions possible. We are ready for user-specific innovations and solutions to create future perspectives for mobility and transport together with you.

Track record in automotive injection molding 

As an experienced automotive injection molding manufacturer we have been supplying automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and automotive tier suppliers with complex and sophisticated plastic solutions for decades. Our expertise in injection molding of high-performance polymers enables us to produce series components reliably and very economically. 

Ensuring quality, safety and traceability of injection molded parts for the automotive industry

Maintaining the highest quality is an absolute priority in all areas of our company. All locations are certified according to ISO 9001. Our site in Shanghai, China meets the requirements of the automotive industry according to IATF 16949. 

plastic injection molding solutions


Plastic components will continue to increase in e-mobility. This is necessary because the weight of the cars must be reduced along with friction in the drive train in order to increase efficiency and, above all, extend the range. The e-car is also very quiet compared to internal combustion vehicles so that interior noises previously unnoticed become more apparent. Here, too, plastic parts can provide a remedy. We translate the increasing demands for tribologically optimised solutions such as sliding, friction, lightweight construction, insulation, temperature or even material resistance into optimal injection molding solutions.
In addition to the layout and design of the products, the plastic itself is a key success factor. We develop materials in-house with the best properties for your applications. With numerous additive variations, material combinations and special compounds, we can meet even the highest material requirements of our customers. Our products are used in electric vehicles such as cars, trucks, scooters, e-bikes and other modes of transportation. 

Ball socket

Used in the chassis.

  • Weight saving
  • Tribologically optimized
  • High strength and dimensional stability
  • High flexural strength

Injection moulded TECAPEEK black.

Piston rod

  • Injected movable ball: PBA TF + 66 GF TF
  • Injection moulded ball pin: metal insert + PA 66 GF TT mod
  • Full plastic rack assembly: impact resistant PA 66 CF

Fuel cell technology 

We develop plastic solutions for fuel cells to optimise service life, efficiency and weight.  In addition to injection molded connection parts, these include high-strength end plates and innovative thermoplastic bipolar plates.

Smart plastics and sensor applications

Smart plastic solutions with integrated sensor technology are playing an increasingly important role, not the least of which can be seen in emerging trends such as connected mobility or autonomous driving. The applications for semiconductor and sensor technology are multiplying.  With injection-molded microsystems, Ensinger offers a completely new approach. This technology allows us to replace expensive silicon semiconductors with electrically active thermoplastic solutions. The innovative manufacturing process significantly reduces the number of process steps necessary. We combine many years of injection molding experience, an in-depth understanding of the individual components, and innovative manufacturing methods; all while maintaining an eye for quality at the highest level.
In this process, conductive tracks can be integrated directly into housing structures, thus reducing the number of components.

Wafer Disc

Wafer Disc for Microsystems

  • High molding accuracy and flatness
  • High degree of customisability
  • Production without toxic chemicals
  • No lithography necessary
  • Production completely without clean room environment
  • Resource-saving production
  • Production of individual microsystems on the wafer possible

Substitution of metal parts, lightweight solutions

With our wide range of high-temperature plastics, we offer a compelling alternative to metal for many applications. For example, we replace energy intensive metal products with lightweight, high-strength plastic components that increases the efficiency and sustainability of the component application. Lightweight plastic solutions also help to increase the electric range of e-vehicles. Lightweight and highest-strength solutions can also be achieved by over-molding our proprietary thermoplastics composites. 



  • High energy efficiency
  • Long component service life
  • High temperature resistance
  • Good thermal conductivity

Reduction friction, lubricants, vibrations and noise

We are able to develop application specific molded parts that improve tribology and provide a combination of low friction and high wear resistance while optimising energy and power efficiency in driveline and chassis applications such as seals, gears, bearings, bushings.
Solid lubricants can also be used to optimise and extend emergency running properties. By using high-performance plastics, the wall thicknesses of the products can also be reduced thanks to better material properties. By replacing traditional metal products, such as gears, with high-performance plastics, we can improve running conditions, noise and vibration in most applications.

Piston rings

Piston rings

  • Application-specific designs & closing geometries
  • Wear-optimised materials
  • Special formulations of Ensinger compounds
  • Leakage testing

Injection moulded customized compounds formulations

Thrust washers

Trust washers

  • Improved running smoothness
  • Uniform starting characteristics
  • Reduced wear
  • Low weight
  • High bending strength 

Injection molded

One-stop shop for mobility application

We design and produce solutions using high-performance plastics solutions through essential manufacturing service. Our complete line of manufacturing capabilities not only delivers the industrial injection molding services, but also offers options in CNC machining, welding technologies, assemblies, marking and other post processing techniques.