Custom plastic profiles for mobility applications

At Ensinger we believe the future of mobility will be shaped by innovative material combinations. Profiles made of high-performance plastics are often only half as heavy as aluminium or metal parts and at the same time provide value with advantageous properties such as high strength, thermal resistance or electrical insulation capabilites.

High-precision profiles for e-mobility solutions and rail transport

In addition to precise extrusion profiles with tight tolerances, Ensinger also manufactures continuous fibre reinforced profiles using thermoplastic pultrusion. This enables us to produce precisely fitting profile solutions for the automotive and e-mobility industries and individual mobility solutions for rail and train transport. 

  • Customised to your application
  • According to individual dimensions, geometries and specifications
  • With high strengths, high thermal resistance and matched to the surrounding materials
  • Corrosion resistant and durable
  • With tight tolerances and precisely fitting surface designs
  • Made from recycled materials to improve the CO2 balance 

your partner for custom mobility profiles

The market for mobility solutions is growing rapidly. Manufacturers are faced with major technical challenges and often have to rethink existing solutions. Lightweight construction measures are a key success factor for low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicles. Plastic profiles are almost half the weight of comparable metal components and are therefore an important component for competitive vehicle construction.

We manufacture and process plastic profiles made of high-performance plastics precisely tailored to your application that are also light, durable, reliable, low-maintenance, and safe. We work closely with colleagues from injection molding, machining, additive manufacturing and our in-house compounding to offer comprehensive solutions, even for complex projects.