LDS-MID Transformers 

New & innovative process technologies by Ensinger Microsystems 

Whether used to convert voltage in the power supply of a laptop computer or to convert signals in a LAN router, transformers are among the most important electronic components on the market. However, the way transformers are currently produced is expensive and requires a lot of manual labour. In addition, the winding technology currently used limits miniaturisation and increases the size of conventional transformers. 
With Ensinger Microsystems, we are offering you a completely new way of thinking: Our LDS-MID transformers do not require winding technology and can be manufactured and assembled without a housing thanks to the industrialised process at Ensinger. This significantly simplifies the process chain and allows it to be automated - for consistently high quality in production and optimum results.

benefits of ensinger microsystems' transformer solution

  • Volume savings of up to 80 %
  • Significantly lower consumption of resources such as copper
  • Significant weight reduction for critical application environments such as aerospace

Coil Systems without Wire Winding: Transformers made by Ensinger Microsystems

Our newly developed process produces injection moulded bodies in which magnetic cores can be inserted into the cavity shown. These are overmoulded in a second injection moulding process. Finally, the conductive path can be structured using the LDS process and the daisy chain approach. In this way, transformer structures can be achieved without the use of complicated winding technology.
At Ensinger, we offer the entire process chain from a single source: from the LDS-compatible compound TECACOMP LDS to our highly qualified injection moulding experts and the finished component.
We will be happy to advise you on your individual application.

Industries & Applications

Semiconductor & Electronic Industry: Power supplies, power electronics or electromobility.