Machining for the electrical industry

Electronic components determine our daily activities and it is impossible to imagine our environment without them. All these devices and objects contain components that require the highest precision and know-how in manufacturing. 
With our large machining facility, we manufacture plastic parts in a wide variety of dimensions and geometries from different polymers. We have the most modern CNC lathes and milling machines at our disposal. We manufacture plastic parts from prototypes to series with the tightest tolerances and surface requirements. Our many years of experience in the manufacture of machined thermoplastics, turned and milled parts for the electronics industry, combined with inhouse production of semi-finished rod, plate and tube products, makes Ensinger the ideal partner for CNC parts in the electronics sector.

The right material 

Due to the broad value-added chain in the field of thermoplastics, geometry specific injection molding blanks and extruded profiles are also available as blanks in addition to sheets, rods and tubes. We will be happy to advise you in order to find the perfect material and manufacturing combination for your application.

In the material selector you will find a wide range of semi-finished products. 

If the right material is not available for your application from our own portfolio, we also process thermoplastics that have been externally sourced. Please contact us via our contact form.

Applications in the electrical industry 

Machined components for the electrical industry include connectors, housings or sheets. Of course, these can also be customised using our extensive upstream and downstream processes.
Spring contact

Spring contact

Machined from TECATRON GF40 black

  • Electrical isolation
  • High mechanical strength
  • Holes drilled with utmost precision and narrow tolerances for the spring contact probes