Structural part for a light airplane («Winglet structure»)

Structural airplane parts ensure planes spend every possible minute up in the air. Every part must always work without fault and since in the aerospace industry every single gram is of importance, excessive weight reduces the payload and increases the fuel consumption. One example of these parts are so called "Winglet structures", which are used at the tip of the wing of light airplanes or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

For this type of structural and semi-structural aerospace application, composite materials are often used. For the wing skin and wing structure, parts made from carbon fibre or glass fibre reinforced polyphenilensulfide (PPS) are often used. This material offers properties which are mandatory for structural exterior airplane parts, as well as excellent specific mechanical properties and outstanding chemical resistance against hydraulic fluids, gasoline and kerosene as well as de-icing fluids.

Carbon fibre reinforced PPS for the aerospace industry

TECATEC PPS CW50 black is a carbon fibre reinforced polyphenylensulfide used in the aerospace industry. Reasons for use are its outstanding mechanical properties, thanks to the continuous fibre reinforcement, and the excellent chemical resistance of the matrix material PPS. Thanks to the excellent creep behaviour of the material, parts made from TECATEC PPS CW50 black can be used at service temperatures in excess of 200 °C, with short time peak of up to 250 °C. Service under extreme conditions is also possible due to its very low water absorption, in particular when compared to some technical plastics such as polyamides. Compared to thermoset based composites, PPS-based composites offer a high impact toughness and fulfil all the FST requirements for aerospace exterior applications.

Composite plates as an alternative to compression moulding

High volume production is usually performed with complex press tools, which are not suitable for prototyping and small series production. Parts are needed which fulfil the mechanical and physical requirements of a series part without having to invest in expensive moulds.

Beside compression moulded PPS-carbon net-shape parts, we also offer TECATEC PPS CW50 black plates. These plates are suitable to be machined or waterjet cut to parts which offer similar properties as the compression moulded parts.

Thanks to its mechanical properties, that surpass those of PPS carbon injection moulded grade by an order of magnitude, and to its chemical resistance almost as good as PEEK, TECATEC PPS CW50 black is a cost-effective solution for prototyping and small series production of parts aimed at aircraft exterior. In addition to prototypes for large aircrafts, other application fields for carbon fibre reinforced PPS plates include aircrafts produced in small quantities, test airplanes, UAVs, drones and other flying objects.