Stock shapes for the aerospace industry

Engineering plastics from Ensinger help to make applications in many industrial sectors more efficient and competitive. The aerospace industry places high demands on materials. Among other things, our aerospace rods, plates and tubes are advantageous due to their low weight (weight savings of up to 60 %) and their fire behaviour. In addition, they are easier to process than other materials and offer a high degree of design freedom in the component layout, which means lower manufacturing and assembly costs. Working closely with aerospace companies, our specialists have already developed a variety of solutions for aircraft components, materials and parts, equipment and systems, cabin interiors and propulsion systems.
The properties of our stock shape products meet the detailed requirements of the material specifications of end customers and system suppliers in the aerospace industry. Safety aspects and reduced energy consumption are high priorities.
Due to the special requirements of the aerospace industry, Ensinger assumes responsibility not only for incoming raw material inspections and specifications, but also for recipe specifications for individual articles, final inspections, issuing of acceptance test certificates and much more.
In addition, Ensinger offers complete documentation and traceability for all materials and manufacturing processes. The safety of these processes is proven for all production methods, such as compounding, semi-finished product extrusion and finished part production by injection molding or machining.

Aerospace stock shapes materials

TECAPEEK natural

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) - TECAPEEK natural is a high-performance, high temperature, semi-crystalline thermoplastic manufactured by Ensinger...
Nylon Polyamid 6 certified for aerospace applications


TECAMID 6 FRT black is a flame retardant plastic, and is therefore included in the group of non flammable plastics. This flame resistant PA6 plastic ...


POM-H is a homopolymer acetal that is manufactured by Ensinger under the tradename TECAFORM AD natural. This homopolymer acetal has exceptional sliding characteristics and good wear resistance properties.