Plastics for structural components in the aerospace industry

The use of plastics in aerospace has increased rapidly in recent years. High performance plastics have become indispensable when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions. While for a long time the focus was primarily on aircraft interiors, plastics are increasingly being preferred for structural components as well. The requirements here are much more demanding than in the aircraft interior. Here, the materials must withstand low outside temperatures, high speeds and many other influences. 
Compared to metals, materials such as PEEK are corrosion resistant and have favourable wear properties. Good radiation resistance, high mechanical stability and resistance to other environmental influences are also arguments in favour of using plastics in structural components. Their properties, combined with lower weight, make structural components constructed of plastic a reliable and efficient solution in aerospace applications.

Maximum reliability - certified high performance plastics 

The aerospace industry's requirements for structural components and the materials used in them are extremely rigorous. All components must be 100 % reliable. In commercial aviation in particular, risks must be minimized or eliminated, as the failure of a material or component can have fatal consequences. 
The determination of which plastic can be used for any particular structural component ultimately depends on whether or not it is approved for the application in question. This decision is made by the aircraft manufacturers themselves. OEMs such as Airbus specify in specially prepared documents which plastic with which property profile may be used for a particular component. Only the plastics certified in these documents are approved for the respective application.

The information on which manufacturers are able to supply an approved plastic is recorded in what is known as the Qualified Part List (QPL). 
Ensinger is one of the few suppliers listed on the Qualified Supplier List. Our comprehensive know-how in the field of thermoplastics and our long-standing partnership with Airbus and other manufacturers make us a reliable partner in the field of aerospace plastics. With a global sales team and application consultants, as well as an in-depth understanding of market requirements, Ensinger is a comprehensive supplier to the aerospace industry. 
 We offer a range of specified semi-finished products of the highest quality to meet Airbus' exacting requirements. In addition to our semi-finished products, our machining facility in Nufringen, Germany is also qualified to produce machined finished parts for Aerospace industry. 

Among others the following products are listed

Specification support

For structural component manufacturers, aerospace OEM specifications are the basis for deciding which material to source from which manufacturer. 
With many years of experience in thermoplastics, particularly for the aerospace industry, we know what it takes to get a reliable material. That is why we are not only at your side as a material supplier, but also as a consultant. For more information contact us via our contact form.