Lightweight replacement for metal & aluminium

A more sustainable future requires innovative solutions. Plastic profiles, with their chemical, thermal, mechanical and design advantages, are a key factor in reducing emissions and carbon footprints. Together with our customers, we are constantly working to optimise our lightweighting technologies in the field of plastic profiles and to create innovative new solutions. 
Plastics are a valuable component in lightweight construction. We offer a broad portfolio of plastic profiles made from high-performance, engineering and standard plastics, which can be reinforced with short or continuous fibres depending on the application. In this way, we combine the advantageous properties of the materials used to create a plastic profile that is as stiff and strong as metal, but significantly lighter.

Plastic profiles offer diverse potential as a metal substitute

In addition to the high weight savings, plastic profiles offer a number of other benefits as a metal replacement and therefore have great potential as a metal replacement.
  • Each plastic has its own thermal, chemical and mechanical advantages. By choosing the right material, your plastic profile can be optimally adapted as a metal replacement profile. In addition to a comprehensive range of materials, we also offer continuous glass or carbon fibre reinforced profiles.
  • The great benefits of plastic profiles start with the raw material. While metals and aluminium are extracted through complex and costly processes, plastics produce much lower emissions during production. Emissions can also be reduced during processing. High temperatures are required to process metals, which increases energy consumption enormously. Plastic profiles are produced at much lower temperatures.
  • Plastic profiles offer a maximum of design freedom. The flexibility of plastic profiles makes them suitable for a wide range of applications where metal or aluminium is to be replaced, such as particularly complex geometries, highly demanding surfaces or aesthetically pleasing designs. Functionality and appearance go hand in hand: We'll be happy to advise you personally and comprehensively on your individual options.

Metal replacement made easy: 5 steps to a custom plastic profile

  1. Joint definition of the framework of the metal replacement project
    Plastic profiles offer many advantages. However, in order to realise their full potential, a number of conditions need to be taken into account. Our team of developers, material and production specialists will work with you to analyse the function, current design, assembly and finishing of your profile and evaluate the initial situation for potential savings. 

  2. Creating a product concept
    From the right materials to design alternatives, from suitable production processes to reduced rework and easier assembly, we are experts in plastic profiles and can advise you on the creation of a product concept for your metal replacement profile. As one of the few manufacturers of thermoplastic pultruded plastic profiles, we can also produce continuous fibre reinforced plastic profiles to extend your metal replacement options. 

  3. Construction & Design
    Replacing metal and aluminium with plastic profiles requires products that are perfectly tailored to the application. That is why we manufacture plastic profiles to your specifications. Whether you require complex geometries, ultra-smooth surfaces or attractive designs, we can turn your ideas into reality. 

  4. Prototyping
    Mechanical properties, design, surface quality, aesthetic requirements - plastic profiles used as metal replacements are subject to numerous criteria. These should always be tested on the actual component to confirm the suitability of the materials, processes and designs chosen. To this end, we produce prototypes and work closely with you to agree the results.

  5. Series production
    Only when all factors are right will we produce your plastic profile in series. Our production specialists ensure consistently high quality and efficiency. From material to production and further processing, we carry out all steps in-house and under one roof. This ensures optimum processes, maximum safety and complete batch traceability.

Plastic profiles open up new possibilities

The applications for plastic profiles are growing and diversifying. We will be happy to advise you on your specific project.