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Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting

Do you have any questions about the right choice of materials?
Do you require information on the machining of Ensinger stock shapes?
Do you need more detailed information on specific materials?
Do you have any questions about regulations and requirements?

For all these and any additional enquiries, our application advisory team is readily available to provide expert advice.

Technical Consulting / Application Engineering

Phone +49 (0) 70 32 - 819-101

Phone +49 (0)  70 32 - 819-116

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Part Calculations

Modern plastics comply with the requirements of wide-ranging different fields of application. With their many excellent properties, superior in many areas to those of metal, these materials can be used in diverse technical applications. For specific applications, the suitability of a particular plastic should be theoretically determined in advance in order to prevent component failure and ensure the advance selection of the most suitable material. This type of theoretical calculation does not eliminate the need for practically-based testing. However, it can provide an initial assessment and highlight possible problems for which design solutions can be found. Ensinger will be pleased to provide you with any support you need in this process.

Our specialists have at their disposal a number of calculation tools which can be used to provide a rough calculation as a basis for material selection and component design. 
Using the questionnaires / data form sheets provided, you can supply us with the data necessary to make the relevant calculations. The more information you are able to provide, the more precisely we can make a material recommendation. We will be pleased to get back to you with our suggestions.

We can provide you with standard support when it comes to design and material selection for the following typical machine components.

Please complete the form with as much detail as possible and send it to our technical consulting team.


Spindle nuts




Pipes and tubes