Plastics with low outgassing

In certain industries, such as aerospace, semiconductors, aircraft and energy, there are strict requirements for purity with regard to outgassing of plastics. 
Materials with low outgassing must be used for applications in environments with strong negative pressure, also referred to as high vacuum. They must not release any gases into the environment. 

Standard plastics usually form under vacuum a constant and only very hesitantly stopping source of gases. For example, the use of elastomers in the generation of high vacuum to ultra-high vacuum is therefore avoided wherever possible.

By contrast, many high-performance plastics from Ensinger can meet the strict requirements. They offer maximum material purity while minimizing water absorption, resulting in greater stability when working under high vacuum. Component scrap rates can be reduced because there is only a minimal risk of contamination.

Low outgassing Products


The following TECASINT plastics meet the requirements of ESA regulation ECSS-Q-70-02 and have been successfully used on many space missions. Test reports can be sent on request.

Stock shapes and direct formed parts


PEEK plastic is also ideally suited as a material for components in vacuum environments. The risk of outgassing is low with this high-performance plastic, so contamination by particles is low, too. PEEK is a widely used material in the field of semiconductor technology.

Stock shapes


Other products and processing methods

To complement our products, we offer a comprehensive range of processing methods and products as well as customised profiles and tubes to meet your individual requirements for your finished or semi-finished part.

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