High thermally and electrically conductive plastics

By nature, plastics are not thermally or electrically conductive. However, in certain complex applications such as fuel cells or redox-flow batteries, very high electrical and thermal conductive properties of the materials are required in order to separate reaction gases and cooling media from one another and distribute them in the reaction areas. At the same time, the materials must also be resistant to chemical, thermal and mechanical loads. Only the fulfillment of these requirements guarantees the long-term safe functioning of these applications. With the help of special additives, plastics can be optimised in such a way that they are ideal for such highly specialised and complex applications.

Compounds for demanding applications

The TECACOMP HTE materials from Ensinger are compounds which have been specifically developed and optimised for these special applications. Their suitability is based on a significantly higher than normal ratio of fillers. This high filling ratio enables a degree of electrical and thermal conductivity which was previously unachiev­able with plastics. At the same time, chemical resistance is also maintained.

The polymers propylene (PP) or polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) are used as the basis for TECACOMP HTE. It is able to cover application temperatures ranging from 60 ° to 200 °C. The materials also work without any problems at ambient temperatures down to -30 °C.

PPS has already proven its superiority over thermosetting plastic binders in HT PEM (high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane) fuel cells. PP compounds are suitable for use in NT-PEM (low-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane) fuel cells as well as in direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC) or redox flow batteries.

To achieve the high electrical and thermal ­val­ues required by these applications, carbon-based fillers such as graphite, carbon black or carbon fibres are mixed with the base polymers for TECACOMP HTE in a ratio of up to 90 % by weight.

graphite filled plastic compounds
The compound materials are suitable for processing on hot presses as a powder version



Electrical conductivity [S/cm] 

TECACOMP  PP HTE PW black 1014974 

Hot compression molding  169 
TECACOMP PPS HTE PW black 1050231  Hot compression molding  122 

To complete our products, we also offer the production of bipolar plates. For detailed information, please contact us via our contact form.