PEEK filament TECAFIL PEEK EV natural 655px
PEEK filament TECAFIL PEEK EV natural 655px
275.00 EUR

TECAFIL PEEK EV natural - 1.75 mm

Evonik PEEK Filament

The requirements of our customers are decisive for us as a plastics manufacturer in all developments. Thus, also in the extrusion of filaments, the goal is to select the most suitable material for your printer and your specific applications and requirements. In doing so, we are not limited to one raw material or supplier. That's why, in addition to our PEEK filament based on Victrex® PEEK 450, we offer a PEEK filament based on VESTAKEEP®.
The basic material properties correspond to those of our Victrex PEEK filament (for more details, see TECAFIL PEEK VX natural). Nevertheless, there are also differences in some material properties. Due to the melt flow rate (MVR) around 15.5 g / 10 min (380 °C / 5 kg) TECAFIL PEEK EV natural exhibits a lower viscosity than TECAFIL PEEK VX (10 g / 10 min). Furthermore, both PEEK filaments show different crystallization behavior. TECAFIL PEEK EV natural is characterised by a significantly later crystallization time.
By using the appropriate parameters, better layer adhesion in the XZ direction and better mechanical properties for high loads can thus be achieved, even under simpler printing conditions.
Depending on your printer, the printing parameters and the size of the part, one or the other PEEK filament may give a better result.
The base polymer of this filament meets the requirements for food contact according to (EC) No 1935/2004, (EU) No 10/2011, (EC) No 2023/2006 and FDA. Migration tests according to EU 10/2011 were successfully performed on similar extruded specimens. Legally binding documents must be requested separately.
VESTAKEEP® is a registered trademark of Evonik Industries AG.



Chemical designation
PEEK (Polyetheretherketone)
1.3 g/cm3 (*2)

Main Features

  • inherent flame retardant
  • very good chemical resistance
  • good slide and wear properties
  • good heat deflection temperature
  • resistance against high energy radiation
  • hydrolysis and superheated steam resistant

Target industries

Technical details

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    General material information Value Unit Parameter Norm
    Diameter 1,75 +/- 0,05 mm -
    Spool measurements Ø 52 mm holder -
    Spool measurements 55 mm width -
    Spool measurements Ø 200 mm outer diameter -
    Spool Material Polycarbonate - -
    Filament Load per Spool 500 g -
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    Mechanical properties Value Unit Parameter Norm
    Tensile strength 89,3 MPa 5mm/min, Orientation XY DIN EN ISO 527-2
    Tensile strength 93,2 MPa 5mm/min, Orientation ZX DIN EN ISO 527-2
    Modulus of elasticity
    (tensile test)
    3543,0 MPa 5mm/min, Orientation XY DIN EN ISO 527-2
    Modulus of elasticity
    (tensile test)
    3744,0 MPa 5mm/min, Orientation ZX DIN EN ISO 527-2
    Elongation at break (tensile test) 119,5 % 5mm/min, Orientation XY DIN EN ISO 527-2
    Elongation at break (tensile test) 9,4 % 5mm/min, Orientation ZX DIN EN ISO 527-2
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    Thermal properties Value Unit Parameter Norm
    Glass transition temperature 143 C ASTM D 3418
    Melting temperature 343 C DIN EN ISO 11357
    Deflection temperature 162 C HDT-A ISO-R 75 Method A
    Service temperature 300 C short term -
    Service temperature 260 C long term -
    Thermal expansion (CLTE) 6,0 10-5*1/K DIN EN ISO 11359-1;2
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    Other properties Value Unit Parameter Norm
    Moisture absorption 0,03 % DIN EN ISO 62
  • product-technical-detail-collapse-item-4-lvl-1
    Processing parameter Value Unit Parameter Norm
    Nozzle temperature 420 - 440 C -
    Max. melt temperature 470 C -
    Print bed temperature 160 - 250 C -
    Build chamber temperature 160 - 230 C -
    Nozzle diameter 0,4 mm -
    Print speed 20 - 30 mm/s -
    Fan speed 0 % -
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    Predrying Value Unit Parameter Norm
    Drying temperature 120 C -
    Drying time 8 h -