Carbon fibre reinforced plastics

Carbon reinforced fibres have been produced on an industrial scale and used as reinforcement in plastics since the mid seventies. They are made up of over 90% pure carbon.

Due to their high modulus of elasticity, carbon fibres are ideal for applications in which rigidity is the predominant requirement. While glass and aramid fibres offer high electrical insulating properties, carbon fibres are electrically conductive. However, unless the compound has been designed specifically for electrically active applications, the conductivity of carbon filled materials should not be relied upon to be consistent throughout the material. Compared to glass fibres, carbon fibres are very suitable for use in slide wear and low friction applications. Their characteristics support sliding movement and they significantly improve abrasion resistance.

Polyamid Plastic Material TECAMID 66 CF20 black

TECAMID 66 CF20 black

PA 66 CF20 is a 20% carbon fibre reinforced PA 66 that Ensinger manufactures under the trade name TECAMID 66 CF20 black...
PEEK Medical Plastic Material TECAPEEK MT CF30 black


PEEK CF 30 is a 30% carbon filled PEEK material that lends the material a high level of rigidity and creep strength.
Polyphenylensulfide PPS Plastic Material TECATRON CM CF15 GR10 TF10 black (XP-83)


This is a compression molded PPS material that has been modified with 10% each of carbon fibre, graphite and PTFE for improved sliding and wear properties.