P84 Test socket

P84 parts for the semiconductor industry

TECAPOWDER P84 is a high purity polyimide specifically developed to meet the demanding needs of the chip manufacturing industry. It is a unique polyimide that can be fabricated into machined parts without the need for a secondary, post-curing step. The finished parts exhibit uniform imidization from the outer skin to the inner layers. The fully imidized material shows extremely good chemical resistance to various acids and plasma gases used in the processing of silicon wafers into integrated chips.

The base for TECAPOWDER P84 is P84® by Evonik.

Outstanding properties

  • High purity
  • Non-meltable
  • Dimensionally stable at elevated temperatures
  • Machinable into finished parts
  • Excellent plasma resistance

Thermal stability

TECAPOWDER P84 can be used in critical etching processes where chamber temperatures are high. The long term thermal stability of P84 is excellent. Its flex strength of high especially at elevated temperatures. A high percentage of its room temperature flexural strength is maintained even at elevated temperatures. Since the glass transition temperature is very high, the dimensional stability up to its Tg is very good. TECAPOWDER P84 is a non-meltable polymer, therefore, it has excellent creep under load at high exposure temperatures.

Chemical resistance

The fully imidized nature of P84 yields excellent chemical resistance to various solvents, acids, and hydraulic fluids. P84 polyimide is produced using novel isocyanate technology which yields a unique, fully imidized material without the need for curing. Other polyimides must be moulded and cured. The curing closes the imide rings and produces water as a by-product that migrates out through the surface. Fabricated parts made from TECAPOWDER P84 are non-porous, which minimises the migration of fluids into the surface layers and greatly improves chemical resistance.

Product datasheets, safety documents, certificates and processing guidelines

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