milling part P84

P84 moulding powder for high-performance parts

TECAPOWDER P84 HCM grades are used to make high-performance polyimide stock shapes and finished parts. They are heat aged in vacuum so that high quality stock shapes can be moulded without the need for post curing. Large billets can be moulded without cracking. HCM grades are available unreinforced, or with fillers such as graphite powder for compression moulding, or ram-extrusion into stock shapes or direct formed into finished parts.

TECAPOWDER P84 is a fully imidized polyimide with no need for post curing (based on P84® by Evonik).

Outstanding properties

Excellent thermal resistance makes TECAPOWDER P84 HCM parts useful in many markets. Depending on the fillers, the outstanding properties can be customised to suit the application.

TECAPOWDER P84 for speciality markets

TECAPOWDER P84 HCM grades are available in virgin grades and blended grades, custom formulations can be readily made.

TECAPOWDER P84 HCM blends contain various fillers based on the end use application. Graphite filled grades are excellent for bearings or bushings that require high wear resistance, often without lubrication. Glass filled TECAPOWDER P84 HCM is useful in the metal spinning industry. Rollers made with glass fiber filled TECAPOWDER P84 HCM produce a smooth finish on metal parts.

All TECAPOWDER P84 compounds are widely available and custom formulations can be readily made.

Processing Guidelines

Product datasheets, safety documents and certificates

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