Diamond grinding wheels with P84

P84 as a binding resin for diamond and CBN grinding wheels

TECAPOWDER P84 polyimide is a non-meltable polymer that improves the performance of grinding wheels in demanding applications. It is based on P84® by Evonik. The binding materials require high strength at elevated temperatures. These requirements are met by polyimides due to their chemical structure.

Polyimide bindings offer best thermal stability combined with extremely high strength

Polyimide bindings, in general, offer highest thermal stability in comparison with other polymers such as polyamides, epoxies and polyetherketones. This together with its extremely high strength make TECAPOWDER P84 polyimide a natural choice for the binding resin in high quality diamond grinding wheels and which eliminate practically all other potential polymers except polyimides. 

P84 resin bonded wheels are capable of very high grinding speeds and, in many cases, outlast standard epoxy or phenolic wheels by a factor of 2.

Outstanding properties

The physical properties of TECAPOWDER P84 meet the requirements, which are demanded from grinding wheels. P84 polyimide has a high glass transition temperature of 330-340 °C (626-644 °F) based on the moulding parameters used to sinter the resin.

High load bearing capacity

Due to its excellent thermal stability, TECAPOWDER P84 bonded wheels have extremely high load-bearing capacity. They are particularly well suited for applications involving hard metal (dry) grinding and deep grinding (wet) operations.

Influencing the properties by changes of the processing

The hardness, brittleness and abrasion capacity of P84 wheels can be influenced by processing. Varying the sintering temperature and dwell time can lead to different mechanical properties of the resin. As the process temperature and dwell times rise, the grinding area becomes harder and more brittle. This temperature moulding window is between 330 and 360 °C (626 and 680 °F). 

Usage temperatures of phenolic, epoxy and polyimide resins

Usage temperature comparison PI, epoxy, phenol

Elastic shear modulus G‘ [MPa]

P84 polyimide resin maintains a high level of stiffness at elevated temperatures.

P84 Shear modulus in comparison

Overview over properties of hot compression moulded P84 powder

Extent of delivery

TECAPOWDER P84 resin is available in powder grain sizes of 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 425 mesh and 1200 mesh. Usually powder grain size of 325 mesh HCM is used. Primer solutions of 10 % P84 in NMP (n-methyl-pyrrolidone) is also available.

Processing Guidelines

Product datasheets, safety documents and certificates

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