PP medical grade rods and plates


TECAPRO MT (PP) is one of our standard plastics with well-balanced properties. Ensinger's TECAPRO MT materials offer high dimensional stability, especially through repeated sterilisation cycles. Together with it's stability after exposure to chemicals, TECAPRO MT is the ideal material for sterilisation containers, e.g., for surgical instruments or implant caddies.  Applications typically include surgical trays and implant caddies as well as surgical related equipment and implant trials.

Benefits of our PEEK medical grade stock shapes 


TECAPRO MT meets the specified requirements of the biocompatibility testing according to standard ISO 10993-1, -4, -5, -18 for contact of up to 24 hours with skin and tissue and, if applicable, indirect contact with blood.
TECAPRO MT have been tested on the semi-finished product in accordance with USP Plastic Class VI.

Key characteristic

Due to a special stabilisatioin process, TECAPRO MT shows a increased resistance to elevated temperatures than standard polypropylene and therefore offers excellent dimensional stability. Furthermore, the material can easily be machined. Other properties include:

  • Good resistance to cleaning and disinfectants 
  • Suitable for repeated sterilisation with hot steam
  • High dimensional stability
  • Good machinability
  • Laser marking possible

Hot steam sterilisation

Hot steam sterilisation: TECAPRO MT shows no significant loss of mechanical properties until 800 sterilisation cycles. However, discolouration and colour change (yellowing) is seen at 200 sterilisation cycles (does not apply to TECAPRO MT black). 

Sterilisation tests were performed using plastic test specimens without cleaning cycles. The sterilisation temperature was 134°C with a sterilisation time of 10 min. and a drying time of 20 min. The chamber pressure was 3 bar. Other effects influencing the cleaning process (with Ecolab, Borer etc.) were not investigated. Due to the chemical resistance of the individual materials and practical experience it must be assumed that the cleaning cycles have a significant influence on the sterilisation resistance. The sterilisation resistance, in particular of PP-HT and to a lesser degree POM-C, is significantly impaired by this. It must therefore be assumed that the sterilisation resistance will be significantly lower than described. We typically define PP-HT with approx. 200 sterilisation cycles and POM-C with approx. 300 - 400 cycles.

TECAPRO MT Materials

Ensinger's TECAPRO MT is available as standard from stock in white, although other colours, including black, can be produced according to customer preferences. Furthermore, TECAPRO MT white plates can be ordered in the typical range of dimensions needed for the tray and caddy business, which offers our customers an optimised supply chain coordination and thus fulfills our customers' delivery time needs. 


PP Plastics in Medical devices

Sterilisation trays

made of TECAPRO MT

Surgical caddies

Trays and caddies for transporting and storing surgical instruments, as well as those for screws and other implants are subject to stringent requirements such as easy transport through the sterile supply cycle and long product service life. On the basis of these requirements, the materials TECAPRO MT (PP) and TECASON P MT (PPSU) are an optimum solution.