Compounds from high-performance plastics

Ensinger Compounds develops and manufactures high-performance compounds. Our expertise is based on our knowledge of the functions and interactions of the various fillers and additives in the matrix of the different base polymers. Our aim is to provide our customers with optimised property profiles for specific applications. 

Why Compounds from Ensinger


Our experienced materials experts are constantly working to develop new, future-proof property profiles for innovative applications, as well as formulations specifically tailored to our customers' requirements.
Our company structure, the expertise of our staff and our versatile machinery enable us to supply both small quantities and high volume plastics.
Our production is equipped with single-screw and twin-screw extruders. Depending on the type of equipment, we can produce quantities from 500 kg up to orders of up to 80 tonnes.


Our compounds have a long track record in the high-performance polymer market. We have decades of experience in application engineering, development and manufacturing. We are also known for our flexibility and reliability in meeting customer requirements. We have the latest measuring and testing equipment to analyse all characteristics such as mechanical and electrical properties, viscosity and residual moisture. We are also able to produce conventional ASTM and DIN test blocks using our injection molding machines.

State of the art equipment

  • Moisture measurements according to the Karl Fischer titration
  • Tensile strength tests
  • Tribo tests to determine wear and coefficient of sliding friction
  • Fully automatic melt index measurement


  • Samples and test specimens
  • Analyses such as DCS or TGA
  • Optical tests with thin sections
  • Toll compounding

Our portfolio

Ensinger's innovative portfolio includes future-oriented formulations such as: