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Compounds from technical plastics

Ensinger Compounds offers plastic compounds with improved sliding friction pro­perties, materials with defined electrical characteristics and com­pounds for me­dical technology. Detectable or thermally conduc­tive plastics are also part of our innovative product range.


Ensinger is focused on the development and production of tribologically optimised materials (less wear, lower friction), electrically and/or thermal conductive plastics, materials, which can be detected in the food production process and materials for 3D MID applications.
Decades of experience in application engineering, development and production ensure high-quality service and delivery.
Our materials specialists work tirelessly on the development and design of special compounds for injection moulding and extrusion. Their wealth of experience is a valuable aid in the development of the specialised compounds you need.
The structure of the company, the specialisation of our employees and the wide range of versatile machinery at our disposal give us great flexibility, meaning that we can handle small quantities as well as material for series production.

We support you from sample production to high-volume production. 

We are equipped with single shaft-extruders and double screw extruders. Depending on the machine type, we are able to handle small batches of 1 to 500 kg up to batch sizes of 80 t.
Above all, Ensinger Compounds processes high-temperature polymers as well as engineering plastics. For some special requirements, we also offer standard plastics.


Compounds for the automotive industry include materials optimised for

  • Optimum strength, minimal wear and superb sliding characteristics
  • Thermal conductivity to improve heat dissipation
  • Chemical resistance, e.g. in SCR systems
  • Smaller, lighter devices with integrated functions

Compounds for Electronics Industry offer a wide range of possibilities in the design phase:

  • To get smaller and lighter
  • To realize fine pitch structure in a 3D-MID application
  • Optimize thermal management with thermal conductive materials
  • Meet the stringent requirements of EMI with absorbing materials

Compounds for the Lighting and LED Industry include materials optimized for

  • High thermal conductivity
  • High electrical conductivity
  • New demands for smaller, lighter devices with integrated functions
Compounds for Food Industry offer security in production process through detectable plastics.

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Brochure: Ensinger Compounds Overview

Ensinger compounds cover the requirements of all important industry sectors.