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Thermoplastic composites

With over 50 years of experience in the field of thermoplastic materials, Ensinger offers a wide portfolio of products and services for thermoplastic composites. From materials like prepreg and organosheets, to stock shapes, to custom engineered products, Ensinger is your partner for high-end composite solutions. Thermoplastic composites with continuous, oriented fibre reinforcement excel through their mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, our highly qualified team of specialists provide unparalleled customer service and technical support in order to find the perfect solution for your application.

Product Portfolio

Composite materials

Composite materials made from carbon or glass fibre fabrics coated with a broad variety of thermoplastic materials as matrix materials.

Composite plates

Composite shapes such as TECATEC can be manufactured up to a thickness of 140 mm.

Composite tubes

Composite tubes made with glass or carbon fibre reinforcement and a selection of thermoplastic matrix materials have many advantages for specialised applications.

Composite parts

Lightweight structures such as hollow profiles or 3-dimensional parts can be produced with lost or removable cores. Even structures with vertical walls are possible with a dedicated technology.

Composite engineering

Composite materials made from carbon or glass fibre fabrics coated with a broad variety of thermoplastic materials as matrix materials.


Thermoplastic composites for medical applications

The inherent strength, light weight and chemical resistance of thermoplastic composite materials based on PEEK and PEKK make them perfect candidates for applications such as surgical tools that require high strength and stiffness, X-ray transparency in addition to resistance to the harshest sterilisation cycles.

Ensingers TECATEC plates portfolio is widely used for medical applications worldwide. Based on the same source materials, Ensinger offers the possibility to manufacture medical components directly in their final shape, optimising the mechanical properties and enabling new designs.

Thermoplastic composites for sports and leisure

The intrinsic toughness of thermoplastic composites is a welcome additional property for all those sporting goods which are at risk of impacts and crashes during service, such as for example mountain bike components.

Furthermore, the automated manufacturing process allows for a high and stringent quality and costs efficency. 

Thermoplastic composites for mechanical engineering

The industrial applications of thermoplastic composites are manifold, lead by their light weight and high stiffness, but also by the tailorability of their properties. The low coefficient of thermal expansion of composite materials allows for tight tolerances in a broad temperature range e.g. for robotic handling systems.


Thermoplastic composites for aerospace

Matrix materials such as PEEK, PEI and PPS are already used for structural and semi-structural aerospace parts such as clamps, cleats, interior parts and leading edges. Through Ensinger’s know-how the production of geometric complex parts based on the materials above is possible and opens up new opportunities in parts’ design.

Thermoplastic composites for the oil and gas industry

Thanks to the outstanding chemical and thermal resistance of some thermoplastic polymers, new applications for oil & gas can be targeted, which with other materials would not have been thinkable.

Thermoplastic composites for automotive 

Thermoplastics are suitable for processes with very short cycle times and this makes them ideal for automotive structural applications like car rims.


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