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Over 100 machinable plastics

The name Ensinger is synonymous with a broad range of production techniques capable of processing thermoplastic stock shapes in a wide variety of material choices under one roof. It is often the material or the end product, that determines the processing method used. Whether it be for large scale volumes or small production runs; large and bulky or small and delicate parts - our engineering plastic stock shapes can be purchased in standard unmodified grades, in addition to a variety of modified grades to fit your application.

In the UK, we hold an extensive stock of over 100 high performance and engineering plastic materials in standard stock shapes, manufactured using a variety of production processes, including extrusion, casting, compression moulding and sintering. We have the expertise to meet our client’s demands and commitment to supply their requirements. In many instances this comes ahead of receiving an order with expert engineers on hand to advise and work with you on the best route forward, developing new solutions if required. 

By operating 5 branches throughout the UK, our Stock Shapes Division is able to efficiently provide services for customers no matter where they are located. This allows for the fast and reliable distribution of high performance and engineering plastic materials. Furthermore, our customers can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that our products are fully compliant with stringent quality standards. 

Why Ensinger?


The Ensinger service begins with comprehensive advice on the intended application, and selection of the ideal material and most appropriate production technique. Depending on your finished component, material choice and tolerances required, semi finished products can be further processed to meet individual application requirements. Ensinger offers a choice of finishing techniques including cutting, planing, grinding and fabrication to achieve a wide range of precise solutions.

Technical support

Not only does Ensinger offer an extensive range of stock shapes, but also a solid and reliable advisory service when it comes to material selection, processing and application of its products. By deliverying application advice, we work to strengthen customer relationships and provide the assurance of optimum support.


Ensinger issues certifications on an order specific basis or in special cases generally valid for particular industries. These are in accordance with production from our Nufringen facility in order to guarantee a link to the raw material in question and to allow full traceability.

Certified according to EN ISO 9001

We continually invest in research and development to confront today’s latest demands with new high-tech materials and processing methods. By doing so, we are one step ahead of the market. Strict CAQ guidelines ensure each individual step from the inspection of raw materials received to final product quality control. In this case, we are also certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Product compliance

Our product portfolio contains materials with a variety of different declarations, which include the following areas:

  • Direct food contact (in accordance with FDA, BfR, 1935/2004/EC, 10/2011/EC, 3A SSI)
  • Biocompatibility (in accordance with ISO 10993, USP Class VI)
  • Drinking water contact (including KTW, DVWG, WRAS, NSF61)
  • Flammability (including UL94, BAM)

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Next day delivery

Using our sophisticated electronic operating system, we are able to efficiently plan and deliver your requirements exactly when you need them, either using our own transport or those of our national carrier partners. Virtually all of our orders are shipped from our extensive stock holding for next day or same day delivery. We can also fulfil individual scheduling requirements just as easily and efficiently. In addition to this, all our UK branches operate a trade counter which is available for you to collect your order.

Tailored training

In the field of technical applications, we are faced with new challenges on a daily basis. Many of our products can only be used to maximum effect if properly understood and therefore correctly processed. To benefit from our work experience and industry expertise it is also possible to arrange specially tailored training events on the premises of individual customers. 


Aircraft and aerospace plastic materials

As requested by our customers, we have checked and qualified a large share of our materials against required specifications. We can qualify additional materials on request. Due to the special requirements of the aerospace industry, Ensinger takes on responsibility for: raw materials receipt inspections, raw materials specifications, composition specifications for individual articles, final inspections, issuing of inspection certificates, and much more.

Plastics for food technology

Attaining food grade plastic compliant with the stringent demands of FDA and European Food Contact regulations, is nowadays a key requirement for thermoplastics machining operators in this industry. Ensinger offers this solution: alongside our engineering thermoplastic standard portfolio, we also offer a special portfolio of food contact materials, fulfilling the specific demands of food technology in terms of safety and performance.

Plastic material solutions for mechanical engineering

Ensinger produces a wide range of plastics, which are predominantly used for mechanical applications and components of industrial machines. The field of mechanical engineering is traditionally focused on steel and metal alloys in order to achieve high mechanical strength and precision of the parts. Nowadays, replacing metal with engineering plastics is common due to their wide range of benefits. High performance plastics can offer a solution where other traditional materials fail, opening up the doors to improvement and progress.

Medical grade plastics

The wide range of Ensinger medical grade (MT) materials offers designers a choice of options to develop innovative medical products, which provide a high degree of safety and added value. The different manufacturing methods used by Ensinger, such as extrusion, machining, injection moulding, profile extrusion and compounding, offer the customer numerous ways develop and produce its product together with Ensinger along the value added chain.

Plastics for oil and gas

The industry demands of high temperature, mechanical strength and chemical resistance call for the need of materials suitable for the most extreme environments. With extensive experience in the oil and gas field, Ensinger work closely with customers to achieve the optimum solution to fit their application needs. Technical material experts can provide customers with a qualified material recommendation which can be confirmed by practical testing. 

Plastics for semiconductor industry

Of all the industries in which engineering plastics can help engineers solve design problems, the most challenging is the semiconductor industry. Ensinger plastics, suitable for the semiconductor industry, are designed with rigid and demanding environmental concerns in mind.  In addition to that, our specialists have worked directly with engineers in the industry to understand the unique challenges that are associated with all aspects of the manufacturing process.