Medical grade plates and rods

Ensinger develops and manufactures semi-finished thermoplastics that meet the high demands of medical technology. Thanks to their outstanding properties, high-temperature plastics meet the special requirements placed on the materials, for example by the increased hygiene standards. These include physiological harmlessness due to biocompatible plastics, very good resistance to numerous solvents, good electrical insulation as well as precision and strength of the finished parts and components.

Biocompatibility testing for medical grade (MT) semi-finished products

In medical technology, the requirements for quality and documentation of products and their and their approvals are very high. Pre-tested semi-finished materials facilitate our customers the approval of their own medical technology products. Our MT semi-finished products have been tested or evaluated for biocompatibility in accordance with standard ISO 10993-1, -4, -5, -18 and meet the specified requirements for contact of up to 24 hours with skin and tissue and, if necessary, indirect contact with blood.
For the stock shapes within the Ensinger MED- / MT-standard-portfolio, a biocompatibility declaration is supplied on an order-related basis. This includes the results of the biocompatibility tests that were performed on the stock shapes and, if applicable, additional information on conformities that are available for the raw materials used. The order-related declaration also serves to provide consistent and for our customers comprehensible traceability of the customer order with regard to the products and the raw materials used.

Medical stock shapes materials


Medical PEEK natural is suitable for use in medical applications and combines the excellent property profile of standard PEEK with requirements for biocompatibility.


Ensinger's PEEK CF30, otherwise known as TECAPEEK CF30 black, can also be supplied in a version that is suitable for medical applications. For this medical grade ...


TECAPEEK MT blue is suitable for use in medical applications. For more details see TECAPEEK MT natural.