High-performance plastics for injection molding

The right material for your application

Only the right material will give a construction the desired functionality, safety and durability. The decisive factor in choosing material is first and foremost the conditions of use. Ensinger works with a wide range of injection molding materials to find the perfect match between your application and the available engineering plastics or high-performance thermoplastics.  

Once the optimum material has been selected or specially developed for the application in question, its suitability is checked by calculation during the design phase of the component and confirmed by practical tests. In this way, combined with our extensive manufacturing capabilities, superior technical processes and know-how, we can offer you convincing injection molding solutions. 

Ensinger high-performance and engineering thermoplastics

Ensinger's high-performance thermoplastics have outstanding properties such as high strength, high continuous service temperature, extreme temperature resistance, impact strength, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, electrical conductivity, low flammability or suitability for frequent sterilisation.

The injection molding materials we use most frequently include the following materials:

In-house material development and compounding

Ensinger has been involved in the development and in-house compounding of application-specific thermoplastics for plastic injection molding for many years. Our in-house materials development department enables us to our customers´ highest material requirements and we are continuously working on the development of special compounds. Our materials specialists support you in your applications, including tribology (sliding, friction applications), lightweight construction, electrical and thermal conductivity, insulation, elongation, temperature or material resistance.