Injection molding solutions for demanding industries

The processing of high performance and engineering plastics using efficient and resource-saving injection molding is more in demand than ever in many important industries. Ensinger Injection Molding has been successfully serving these demanding industries for many years. 

We are your partner for your individual and application-specific requirements and solutions. As a One-stop shop, we offer first-class technical support combined with our own materials expertise, in-house compounding and a wide range of manufacturing processes, including custom plastic injection molding or CNC machining.

With many years of experience combining technical and commercial expertise, Ensinger is able to meet the high demands on materials and solutions for the aerospace industries. The characteristics of Ensinger’s high-performance and engineering plastic materials contribute to making applications more efficient and competitive, e.g. reducing emissions and fuel consumption, weight reduction while maintaining strength and stability.

 Industrial applications such as industrial drives, pumps, sealing, sliding, friction and other mechanical applications or automation systems, Ensinger produces a wide range of plastics predominantly used for mechanical applications and as components of industrial machines.

We look for reducing the total cost of your operation by providing high performance plastic solutions with lower weight and better performance, and at the same time a cost-effective manufacturing by injection moulding technolgies.

Replacing metal components with engineering plastics is now a common practice due to their wide range of benefits. We help from the development of the specific materials and compounds, designing of the part to injection molding and series production of high-precision finished parts.

 As one-stop shop we are able to combine various manufacturing methods, such as custom injection molding, machining, and more offer the highest number of choices to produce the product. A wide range of Ensinger medical grade (MT) materials gives designers options to develop innovative medical products, which provide safety and added values, like saving of material, lightweight, re-use or sterilization opportunities.

Among other we design and manufacture surgery instruments and medial diagnostic systems by injection molding 

E-Mobility, automotive, transportation and cargo, off high way mobility, like Railway, Construction and Agriculture equipment as well as new mobility concepts realizing the climate-friendly traffic turnaround, all those require innovative approaches that enable sustainable and cost-efficient performance at the highest level and uncompromising safety of products and systems.

Our mutual experience and know-how in design and injection molding of high performance plastics supports modern mobility solutions perfectly. 

Demand in clean energy exploring the use of hydrogen fuel cells, largely as relates to automobiles but for other purposes as well is strongly increasing. The mass production of these fuel cells is now an important issue. Efficient injection molding technology plays a significant role to handle those large manufacturing demand.

Ensinger provides the required material, engineering and manufacturing competence providing the required special properties for extended service life, resistance to corrosion or inherent electrical insulation while saving weight and cost of the fuel cell system. Ensinger specializes in development of hydrogen fuel cell materials and processing techniques for PEMFC components as bipolar plates, end plates and fittings. 

With injection-molded microsystems, Ensinger offers a completely new approach and replaces today`s complex and costly production processes of silicon wafers. Among other cleanroom environments, expensive machinery and complex process steps are not needed anymore.

At the same time we offer a high degree of customizability according to customer requirements, design flexibility as well as a reduced assembly cost and a resource-saving production of individual application specific sensor solutions.

Our semiconductor industry plastics are designed with the industry’s rigid and demanding concerns in mind. Our specialists have worked directly with engineers in the industry to understand the unique challenges associated with all aspects of the semiconductor manufacturing process.