Proven injection molding expertise

Solution provider for your custom injection molded parts

Our wide range of services in the field of plastic injection molding is the basis for the realisation of a variety of customised, innovative solutions for different applications and industries.

A customer-oriented, agile organisational structure, short decision-making paths, an efficient process environment and our modern technical equipment support the result-oriented project implementation of your solution. 

Individual solutions - all from one source

Plastics development, mold design and construction, various injection molding technologies, CNC machining of molded parts, assemblies and other finishing options - we use the entire value chain to develop solutions.

Together with our customers, we develop customised plastic injection molded parts and individual solutions that are precisely tailored to their needs and requirements.

In this way, we help our customers to solve tasks such as:  

Improving energy efficiency

Application-specific molded parts made of high performance plastics, such as seals, gears, bearings, bushings, improve running conditions, energy and CO2 efficiency in many industries. In addition to improved friction, higher wear resistance and reduced noise and vibration can be achieved.

Piston rings

Piston rings

  • Application-specific designs & closing geometries
  • Wear-optimised materials
  • Special formulations of Ensinger compounds
  • Leakage testing

Injection moulded customized compounds formulations

Metal substitution

The substitution of e.g. aluminium die casting or ceramics by alternative technical, but also sustainable high performance thermoplastic injection molded parts enables lightweight construction of complex geometries, targeted performance optimisation and increased efficiency, e.g. through function integration and the elimination of mechanical finishing and assembly steps. 

Technical expertise - your reliable engineering partner

From the early stages of your project, you can rely on us as a development partner with a comprehensive range of design and injection molding services.

From requirements analysis, through component design and construction, to prototyping and the finished series production - our experienced engineers accompany you along the entire path of your project. This results in custom injection molded parts that are tailored to your application and meet the highest technical standards. 

Simultaneous engineering  

Even the right choice of plastic can significantly improve the performance of the end product. That's why our entire product development is fully coordinated with the plastic used and the design of the manufacturing processes. 

From application engineering and support in material and product design to manufacturability analysis, Ensinger translates its more than 50 years of experience in injection molding technology into comprehensive plastics engineering support for your company. 


Our in-house toolmaking department and experienced external partners enable us to design and manufacture injection molds for prototypes, small and large series of complex and high-precision plastic parts. Short communication channels ensure high flexibility for technical changes and modifications.  

Modelling and simulation 

Customer requirements are the starting point for all product development activities. Concepts, problem-solving approaches and feasibility studies are developed. CAD systems (e.g. CATIA V5) are used to produce drawings and data are created. Using FEM (Finite Element Method) strength calculations and state-of-the-art Moldflow simulation, the component and the tool can be optimally designed at an early stage of development. 

In addition, we take important sustainability aspects into account as early as the development phase of the component. Besides in addition to optimising the use of materials, we also offer calculations of the CO2 footprint and the CO2 savings of the injection molded product in its application. 

Innovation -  from idea to business

Technical plastic injection molding as the basis for innovative and future-oriented products opens up new possibilities and areas of application for our customers.

With a culture of innovation and an agile structure, we apply our technical plastics knowledge, experience and manufacturing capabilities from the idea stage to successfully turn your visions into reality - regardless of whether it is a single injection molded part or a complex multi-component assembly solution with various value-added steps. 

Working with start-ups 

Talk to us about your plans and obstacles in developing a new plastic product, finding new customers or entering new sales channels and markets. We can help you with valuable technical support, collaboration with various institutes, services for plastics production and industrialisation opportunities. 

You benefit from our experience and know-how and we get benefit from your perspectives to drive innovation in our business. 

Wafer Disc

Wafer Disc for Microsystems

  • High molding accuracy and flatness
  • High degree of customisability
  • Production without toxic chemicals
  • No lithography necessary
  • Production completely without clean room environment
  • Resource-saving production
  • Production of individual microsystems on the wafer possible

Innovation prizes and awards 

We are pleased to have received several awards from our customers over the years, recognising our innovation capabilities, partnerships and development of new profitable solutions. 
Ensinger receives Schaeffler Supplier Award Teaser
31. May 2022
Ensinger is one of this year's winners of the Schaeffler Supplier Award. In Herzogenaurach, Ensinger received the award in the "Innovation" category ...

Project management -  injection molding projects according to your specifications

Ever-increasing demands for quality and economic efficiency require effective and customer-oriented project management.

At Ensinger Injection Molding, we have established a well-functioning integrated product development and product introduction process that begins in the early stages of developing your individual solution.

Each project is assigned a dedicated team led by a project manager who acts as the main point of contact throughout the project. All project activities involving mold design up to the release of series production are intensively monitored to ensure a smooth process for our customers.   

Tool transfer 

One way in which many companies tend to avoid cost increases and other supply chain disruptions resulting from international or domestic manufacturing agreements is to transfer tooling to more efficient subcontractors. When an OEM decides to transfer one or more existing molds from one operation - either its own or an outsourced one - to another, it needs to be sure that the new operation can handle the commissioning. Ensinger Injection Molding, with its planning, communications and engineering infrastructure, is ideally placed to provide this demanding service.