PVDF filament

TECAFIL PVDF - PVDF 3D printing filament from Ensinger

PVDF filament, made from polyvinylidene fluoride, is manufactured by Ensinger under the brand name TECAFIL PVDF natural. PVDF is generally resistant to UV radiation and has a high density compared to other filaments, as well as good strength and low moisture absorption. TECAFIL PVDF filaments have high resistance to harsh chemical environments and offer good insulation properties.

Our PVDF 3D printing filament portfolio

Characterised by advantageous mechanical and physical properties, PVDF filament from Ensinger is suitable for numerous industries. It is used quite frequently in the sanitary sector, electrical or mechanical engineering. 

Our PVDF Filament portfolio

3D printing parts made of PVDF filament have a high temperature resistance of up to 150 °C. In addition, the PVDF 3D printing filament can be printed without pre-drying, as the water absorption is very low.

At Ensinger, we manufacture customised 3D printed PVDF parts on request. You can find all information about 3D printing with PVDF filaments here: