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With our 3D print service, safety and quality are at the top of our priorities. That's why we offer comprehensive support from material selection to the finished 3D printed part that meets your exact specifications. Explore our 3D services, including high temperature 3D printing materials, industrial 3D printing solutions and professional 3D post processing services, ensuring your components adhere to the highest standards. 

Elevate your projects with our 3D print service and contact us today with your custom 3D printed parts application.

3D print service Benefits 

Comprehensive material portfolio 

Discover our wide range of high temperature 3D printing materials such as PEEK, PPSU, PEKK and more. With different performance characteristics, we make sure you find the perfect material for the specific requirements of your project

3D prototyping & low-volume production

We develop customised solutions from batch size 1 and guarantee the highest quality, precision and service. Our efficient 3D printed service solutions guarantee short response times and smooth service from a single source.

3D printing post processing

Complex applications require a flawless finish. That´s why we offer a complete range of post-processing services to ensure a high-quality end product. Including machining, surface treatment, laser marking, pre-cleaning, packaging and much more. 

Uncompromising Quality in custom 3D Printed Parts

Leverage our expertise in plastic 3D printing services for 3D printed parts of the highest quality. With over 50 years' experience in high-performance plastics, we offer comprehensive and personalised support throughout the additive manufacturing process. From material selection to the completion of your part, our 3D print service covers every stage, including concept, design, post-processing and finishing. Rest assured that our priorities are focused on ensuring product safety, maintaining high quality and efficient project management. Explore the pinnacle of additive manufacturing with our FDM printing service.
  • Many industries place high demands on the surface quality of the components they use. In industries such as mobility, medicine and aerospace, safety aspects play a role as well as appearance. Our 3D printing service therefore offers a wide range of post-processing methods that can be tailored to individual requirements. For example, we use viscosity-optimised materials or specially developed post-processing steps to offer components that are visually appealing and easy to clean and sterilise.
  • In Additive Manufacturing, the layered structure can lead to differences in mechanical properties depending on the machine and material. Optimised isotropic strength is therefore a key component of our 3D print service. We use our expertise and advanced technologies to achieve uniform strength distributions for specific materials, resulting in not only isotropic but also injection moulded equivalent strength. Ideal for demanding applications across a range of industries. 
  • With a high level of materials expertise and technical know-how, we offer 3D printed components that are free of porosity and air entrapment. This enables us to meet the high quality and performance requirements of industries such as medical and aerospace. Precision printing not only produces porosity-free components, but also exceptional mechanical strength. This unique combination makes it possible to produce components that meet the highest standards and can be used in a wide range of industries.

Benefits of fdm 3D printing technology

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process in which components are built up layer by layer using the manufacturing material. The printing plate of the 3D printer forms the basis for the first layer of material, with various processing technologies available. The appropriate technology depends on the mechanical properties, the various advantages of the materials and the aesthetic and dimensional requirements.

By producing the component without the need for moulds or tools, additive manufacturing can compete with almost any manufacturing process in terms of cost. 3D printing at Ensinger is particularly cost effective for prototypes and short runs. As components become more complex and free-form surfaces are produced, 3D printing is expected to become more cost effective.

Free form, honeycomb and grid structures:

With similar strength and stiffness of the components, the unique structure achieves high weight, material and cost savings.

Functional integration:

Parts can now be produced in one operation and from one piece where previously they were produced in several sections.

Production from a batch size of 1:

Additive manufacturing is particularly economical for the production of customer and patient-specific components in small batches (1 - 300) or for prototyping.

High level of design freedom:

Additive manufacturing can also be used to produce complex components. In particular, components with free-form or curved surfaces can be easily produced with consistent high quality. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of 3D printed components increases significantly as component complexity increases.

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