TECAFIL - high temperature 3D printing materials

Behind the scenes: Filaments production

To unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing and leverage our extensive expertise in high-performance plastics for 3D printed parts, explore our diverse range of high temperature filaments known as TECAFIL filaments. Our high temp filaments adhere to the strictest quality standards, ensuring precision in tolerance deviations, roundness, and ovality.

TECAFIL filaments are specifically designed to cater to the demands of high-performance applications in industrial 3D printing. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that 3D printing with TECAFIL filaments offers unique advantages. Elevate your additive manufacturing capabilities with our high temperature filaments and high heat 3D filaments. Our TECAFIL filaments are manufactured to meet the high standards of industrial applications, making them ideal for applications requiring 3D printing with high-temperature materials. Experience a new dimension in 3D printing with our tailored solutions, perfectly suited to enhance your market position and meet your specific requirements.

Explore high quality 3D printing technology with TECAFIL filaments, your key to unlocking high-performance even in demanding environments.

Industrial 3D printing Materials: High temp 3d filaments

Discover the largest and most diverse portfolio of high temperature 3D printing materials on the market, specialised for applications in industrial 3D printing. Among other things, we offer:

Medical Filaments - 3D Printed Medical Devices 

Medical technology places high demands on materials and components. On the one hand, there is a need to save costs and use materials in a resource-conserving manner; on the other hand, complex geometries and patient-specific solutions are often required. In addition, materials used in the medical sector are always subject to the stringent requirements of biocompatibility in accordance with ISO 10993.
With its Medical Grade (MT) filament portfolio, Ensinger offers filaments that are manufactured according to ISO 13485 standards and tested and evaluated for biocompatibility according to ISO 10993-1, -4, -5, -18. This meets the requirements for direct contact with skin and tissue for up to 24 hours and, where applicable, indirect contact with blood. Ensinger supplies biocompatibility declarations with every order of TECAFIL MT filaments, ensuring complete traceability of the filament used. 

Medical Grade (MT) filaments from Ensinger offer:

  • A means of manufacturing medical components cost-effectively.
  • The production of cost-effective, customised products that meet the individual needs of patients.
  • The production of single parts, prototypes and small series.
  • Resource-efficient production, as 3D printing uses only the amount of material needed for the part.
  • Significant weight savings through the use of plastics and lightweight structures compared to metal.
PPSU filament TECAFIL PPSU MT blue 1,75 Teaser
TECAFIL PPSU MT blue - 1,75 mm
PPSU filament TECAFIL PPSU MT XRO blue 1,75 Teaser
TECAFIL PPSU MT XRO blue - 1,75 mm

Flame retardant Filaments - 3D Printed Aerospace Parts

Complex geometries, high demands on temperature resistance, special protection against fire and smoke - materials used in the aerospace sector are subject to strict guidelines and must overcome numerous challenges. The use of high-performance plastics, with their many beneficial properties and wide range of applications, is therefore natural and popular in the aerospace sector. The industry has also been an early adopter of 3D printing technology, which enables the cost-effective and resource-efficient production of high-performance plastic components. With our aerospace filaments, we offer 3D printing materials for the production of components that are inherently flame retardant and tested as well as qualified acc. to FAR 25.853 and UL94 V-0.
Depending on the application, different Ensinger high-performance plastic filaments are suitable for use in the aerospace sector. In addition to inherently flame-resistant materials such as PEEK or PEI, we also offer TECAFIL PC FR, a cost-effective filament developed specifically for use in aircraft interiors.

Our aerospace filaments offer

  • Inherently flame retardant properties
  • Material testing acc. to FAR 25.853
  • Materials tested acc. to UL94 V-0
  • No warping or distortion problems
  • Optimized layer adhesion
  • High mechanical strength
  • Outstanding chemical and mechanical properties
PEEK filament TECAFIL PEEK VX natural Teaser
TECAFIL PEEK VX natural - 1,75 mm
PEEK filament TECAFIL PEEK VX CF30 black Teaser
TECAFIL PEEK VX CF30 black - 1,75 mm
PEI filament TECAFIL PEI 9085 natural 1,75 Teaser
TECAFIL PEI 9085 natural - 1,75 mm
PC filament TECAFIL PC FR natural 2,85 Teaser
TECAFIL PC FR natural - 2,85 mm
PPSU filament TECAFIL PPSU natural 1,75 Teaser
TECAFIL PPSU natural - 1,75 mm

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We produce qualified high-performance filaments in-house that are precisely tailored to the 3D printing requirements of our customers.

Marc Damm-Ruttensperger, Start-up Lead & Project Manager