Industrial 3D printing services

Your partner for industrial 3D printing

Ensinger produces customised 3D printed industrial parts that meet the high demands of industry applications. Our extensive range of high-performance plastics ensures both reliability and flexibility in every engineering printing project. Using state-of-the-art technology, industrial 3D printing and post-processing services, we provide optimal solutions for a wide range of engineering printing solutions.

As your trusted partner, we prioritise maximum security and customisation for your industrial 3D printing projects. Trust us to be at the forefront of industrial 3D design and to provide comprehensive industrial 3D printing services to meet your specific needs.

3D printing industrial applications: Benefit from our expertise

Highly complex applications require optimal conditions. Our industrial 3D printing service is therefore specialised in the strict requirements of industrial 3D design.

From material selection to the finished 3D printed part, our highly trained specialists support you with the utmost care, expertise and know-how. This results in precision 3D printed industrial parts with optimum surface quality and the best mechanical properties.

  • We have the largest and most diverse high temperature 3D printing materials portfolio on the market. Our range of high-performance and engineering filaments offers maximum flexibility, even for applications in particularly demanding environments or under high safety regulations.
  • Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and 3D printing post processing technology, combined with the expertise of our highly skilled professionals, enables the production of precision parts with the tightest tolerances, outstanding surface quality and superior mechanical properties.
  • We offer solutions for prototyping and small batch production, even under the most demanding operating conditions. We are your experts for every 3D printing industrial application and offer innovative engineering printing solutions that lead to success.
  • Our services cover a wide range of industrial 3D design to ensure your specific requirements are met with precision and commitment.
  • For complex applications with high surface quality requirements, we offer a comprehensive range of post-processing services, including machining, surface treatment, laser marking, pre-cleaning, packaging and more to ensure a flawless end product. 

Your development partner for industrial 3D printing applications

With our Additive Manufacturing facility, we offer professional, customised industrial 3D printing services that are perfectly tailored to your requirements. As your partner for engineering printing solutions, we develop high precision plastic parts for demanding applications in a wide range of industries.

Our expertise combines extensive plastics and engineering know-how with the highest level of competence in industrial 3D printing. With a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance polymers and additional value-adding finishing processes, we offer customised solutions.

Discover the future of industrial 3D printing with us. From the development of customised engineering printing solutions to the production of high-precision plastic parts - we take your project to the next level.

One-Stop Shop for industrial 3D design

At Ensinger, your One-Stop Shop for industrial 3D printing, the entire process chain is covered in-house: from material,  design using state-of-the-art CAD software through to complete post-processing. This guarantees the highest quality, optimised processes and customised solutions. Maximum flexibility in the selection of materials, short production and delivery times as well as comprehensive advice and cross-departmental support are all part of our services, enabling us to complete even complex projects quickly and easily.

3D printed industrial parts: Case Studies & applications

Discover a wide range of engineering printing applications  to revolutionise your industry:

Flange bushing, 3D printed and machined

  • Made of TECAFIL PEEK natural
  • 3D printed & post-processed in-house
  • Made from high performance materials
  • Lasts up to 50 times longer than standard 3D printing materials inside moving applications

Lightweight strut , 3D printed and machined

  • Made of TECAFIL PEEK natural
  • Honeycomb structure allows 3D printing from both sides, a capability not feasible withany other method
  • Significant weight reduction
  • Constant stability

Guiding, 3D printed and machined

  • Made from TECAFIL PPSU natural
  • Combination of additive and subtractive production processes
  • Lightweight construction: Weight reduction by hollow-chamber structures
  • High stiffness and strength


With Ensinger Additive Manufacturing, you get a reliable partner committed to excellence, innovation and success in industrial 3D printing. Contact us today to take your industry to the next level!