Profiles hIgh performance plastics


Ensinger produces profiles according customer requirements & drawings by extrusion and co-extrusion. We are capable of extruding a wide range of geometries and wall thicknesses, depending on the material and application. For example, full profiles, hollow chamber profiles, particularly thin-walled profiles with wall thicknesses of 0.4 to 0.5 mm are possible.

In addition to processing standard thermoplastic polymers, Ensinger is capable of creating tailor-made materials in-house, e.q. reinforcement with carbon or aramid fibres or modification of materials specifically adapted to the application in question. Using the co-extrusion method, reinforcing agents such as metals can be integrated, plastics with a range of characteristics can be connected by means of sheathing, or hard-soft connections produced, for example, for sealing lips. To meet customer specifications, profile extrusion can be performed by inline or offline processes such as printing and knurling, winding or cutting to size, thermoforming and welding, annealing and conditioning.

Application examples

Slide rail for food technology

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Wear resistant to abrasive bulk materials

Chain pins for conveyor belts in food technology

TECAMID 66 natural, TECADUR PBT natural, TECAFORM AH natural

  • Exact roundness
  • Low squeal in service
  • Wear resistance

Lens cover

Cover for cabin illumination made of TECANAT PC

  • Ultrasonic weldable
  • Good transparency
  • Flame retardant and low smoke density
  • Release for cabin interior