Stock shapes for the food industry

The food processing industry has changed a lot in recent years. In addition to strong industrial development, legislation has also strongly driven the food safety aspect and related standards and regulations. The pressure for energy and cost saving potentials also promotes the use of new materials in the food industry.

Ensinger's food-grade stock shapes made of thermoplastic structural and high-performance polymers can be used to meet these requirements for a wide range of food processing applications. These stock shapes form the basis for machined components with the tightest tolerances.

Ensinger offers a broad portfolio of available food materials that are suitable for many applications in direct contact with food. The products cover a wide range of application conditions in food processing for multiple contact at a wide variety of application temperatures and contact times.

We confirm the suitability for these application conditions through our order-related declarations of conformity, in which we provide detailed information on the tests carried out on the semi-finished products (10/2011/EU) as well as on other available approvals (FDA, GB 4806.01-2016, Japan Food).

The tests on the semi-finished products are always carried out under the toughest contact conditions possible for the respective product. This applies in particular to the European Food Regulation 10/2011/EU, according to which we carry out worst-case tests in accordance with the specifications of the regulation, thus ensuring suitability for all foods in accordance with the respective contact conditions.

Thanks to our broad stock portfolio of stock shapes for the food industry, we can offer you a suitable material for almost all food contact conditions. And this without the expense of keeping double stock. The semi-finished products can be ordered directly from stock in a wide range of dimensions with the corresponding declaration. 

The following compliant materials are available from stock:

Applications requiring food safe plastics

There are a variety of application options for food contact plastics in conjunction with meat, fish and poultry processing equipment and devices. At the same time, Ensinger's food-grade plastics also help improve production, speed and safety in dairy, bakery and confectionery manufacturing.

Typical applications include: 

  • Gears
  • Bearing bushings
  • Components made of engineering plastics for filling, mixing and portioning equipment

If you need assistance with the specific material selection for your food application or if you have questions about the conformities of our food compliant stock shapes, please contact us at