Case studies in the semicon and electronics manufacturing industry

At Ensinger, we have worked on many different and diverse projects with a wide range of materials in the semicon and electronics manufacturing industry. Read about some of the projects we have completed here.
Clamp ring made from PPS, TECATRON natural
Polyphenylenesulfide PPS TECATRON natural Thumb

Wafer Clamp Ring

made of TECATRON SX natural

Wet Process Wafer Clamp Ring

Wafer clamp rings are commonly used during the semiconductor fabrication process to support and accurately position the wafer. Clamp rings must provide high strength, dimensional stability, and wear resistance to maintain precise processing tolerances and ensure a high wafer yield. Ensinger offers a broad portfolio of material solutions for clamp rings, including the SX series, which features the industry's widest range of PEEK and PPS tube dimensions.
Inspection fixture FCP connector

Testing Fixture FPC Connectors

made of TECAPEEK CMF white

A combination of great variety and consistent characteristics

Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) are becoming increasingly complex and miniaturized. With the pitch spacing of FPC connector contacts continually decreasing, functional testing fixtures must be fabricated with contact probes that have similarly small pitch spacing. The TECAPEEK CMF series has been engineered to provide excellent micro-hole machinability and dimensional stability, making it an ideal material for the next generation of FPC connector testing fixtures.
Equipment part made from TECAPEEK SX natural

Plasma etching shielding part

made of TECASINT

Excellent temperature and plasma resistance

Semiconductor manufacturing processes, such as plasma etching or plasma-enhanced CVD, expose wafers and surrounding components to highly energetic and corrosive plasma. The parts in such processing equipment must withstand temperatures above 250 °C and provide high ionic purity and low outgassing. The TECASINT 4000 series is a commonly used material in such applications due to its excellent temperature and plasma resistance, as well as superior ionic cleanliness.
Retaining ring made of TECATRON CMP natural

CMP Retaining Ring


How to meet the numerous requirements of CMP process

The retaining ring is a crucial component of the CMP process, as it holds the wafer under the carrier during polishing and facilitates uniform material removal. Selecting the right ring material is critical as it affects the efficiency of the CMP process and the level of wafer-level defects. This experimental study demonstrates how TECATRON CMP natural can reduce the number of defective dies and improve yield.
PCB Inspection Fixture made from PPS
Polyphenylenesulfide PPS TECATRON natural Thumb

PCB Inspection Fixture

made of TECATRON natural

PCB Inspection Fixture

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) must undergo comprehensive testing during the manufacturing process to verify their proper functionality. The PCB inspection fixture consists of plastic sheets that include a fine-pitch array of nails that is pressed against the PCB. TECATRON SX natural is a commonly used material for the sheets due to its excellent dimensional stability, optical cleanliness, and micro-hole machinability.
Testsocket made od TECASINT

Test Socket

made of TECASINT 4011

High temperature IC test sockets

During the microchip manufacturing process, integrated circuits (ICs) undergo testing at multiple stages to verify their functionality in different environmental conditions. The testing equipment, including test sockets, must also withstand harsh testing conditions, including temperatures exceeding 200°C. For such applications, the TECASINT 4000 series is an ideal choice, as it provides high dimensional and mechanical stability at high temperatures, as well as excellent micro-machinability.
Wafer holder

Wafer Holder

made of TECAPEEK SX natural

Wet bench Wafer Holder

Wet process tools used in semiconductor manufacturing utilize numerous plastic parts, including the wet bench wafer holder, which must withstand harsh combinations of chemicals used to process and clean the wafers. As the wafer holder dips multiple wafers into several chemical processing baths, it must be fabricated from materials with high chemical resistance, as well as rigidity and dimensional stability. TECAPEEK SX natural is an excellent material choice that meets these requirements and also offers copy exact compliance for enhanced reliability.