7/18/2019 | 

Ensinger expands its Management Board

Dr. Oliver Frey was appointed Managing Director of Ensinger GmbH and the Ensinger Group on 1 July 2019, in addition to the long-standing Managing Directors Klaus Ensinger and Dr. Roland Reber.

7/11/2019 | 

Ensinger plans sale of Thermix business

Negotiations with Fenzi Group from Italy: Ensinger intends to sell its Thermix® business. The division develops and produces spacer profiles for insulated glass.

2/20/2019 | 

New EPDs for Thermix and insulbar

There is now an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the insulated glass spacers Thermix. In addition, the EPD for insulbar insulating profiles has been updated.

1/24/2019 | 

Ensinger acquires medical technology specialist Moll Engineering

Plastics processor Ensinger GmbH, Nufringen, has taken over the medical technology manufacturer Moll Engineering GmbH. The owner-operated company based in Lübeck manufactures products from carbon fibre-reinforced high-performance plastics, stainless steel and titanium.

1/7/2019 | 

More profile than anybody else

Ensinger rounds off its range of insulating bars: Thanks to the new insulbar LI made from foamed polyamide, Ensinger is currently offering the largest range of products for thermal separation.

11/15/2018 | 

Ensinger presents shear-free insulating profiles for metal doors

Usually it’s the weather’s fault when a metal door sticks. If the sun shines, its outer side expands. If it’s cold outside, however, the door bulges inwards. A shear-free insulbar insulating profile from Ensinger (patent pending) minimises this deformation.

11/5/2018 | 

Lightweight construction in aeroplane interiors

Bucher and Ensinger develop composite-based series-produced components. Lightweight and high-strength materials have become indispensable for high-end applications in the aviation industry. In passenger aircraft every kilogram counts, which is why metals are increasingly being replaced with plastics-based solutions, also in interior design. Thermoplastic composites, in particular, offer companies kitting out aeroplanes significant weight reduction without requiring them to make compromises in terms of mechanical properties.

10/15/2018 | 

Thermix: The pioneer of a new generation of spacers turns 25

In 1993, the world's first co-extruded spacer profile for the Warm Edge of insulating glazing was launched.

9/20/2018 | 

Ensinger presents new laser markable engineering plastics

In the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries, the labelling of machine components with the aid of UV marking lasers is, in many places, standard practice. The plastics processor Ensinger has now expanded its portfolio to include a stock shape that can be labelled with a laser.

5/3/2018 | 

Polyketone: Compounds to meet mechanical, tribological and chemical demands

Ensinger TECACOMP PK TRM compounds for a wide range of applications. The tribologically optimised Ensinger compounds based on aliphatic polyketone stand out for their versatility: the polymer is very tough, has a high chemical resistance and also good sliding and tribological behaviour – even when paired with the same kind of material.

4/13/2018 | 

Ensinger to expand its Cham site

Ensinger is about to make a further investment at its Cham site. The plastics processor is planning to extend a production and logistics building that was put into operation ten years ago. These new building plans are the second construction project in the branch factory. A few weeks ago, Ensinger began the construction of a hall which, in the future, will house the compounding lines and parts of the logistics facilities.

4/10/2018 | 

Maximum safety coupled with low weight

Ensinger to highlight innovative thermoplastics at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018. The “Aircraft Interiors Expo” in Hamburg is the world’s leading platform for cabin interior products and services (April 10-12, Hamburg Messe). Ensinger will present a wide spectrum of modified thermoplastics, including the new flame retardant materials TECAMID 6 (PA 6) FRT, TECAMID 66 GF15 FRT and TECANYL (PPE) VH2.

3/22/2018 | 

PEEK: Ensinger extends its hollow rod portfolio

New online tool makes selection easier. Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is a sought-after material for demanding technical applications. Ensinger uses the high-performance plastic to produce, among other things, hollow rods, tubes and rings, which come in an increasing number of variations.

12/8/2017 | 

Ensinger is one of the 32 Premium Suppliers of Continental and Schaeffler

For the fourth time in a row, Continental and Schaeffler have designated Ensinger as “Premium Supplier”. The 32 partners which constitute the “Premium Supplier Circle”, were systematically assessed and chosen by Continental and Schaeffler from more than 1,200 strategic suppliers.

7/10/2017 | 

"Aluminum systems more energy efficient than wood"

Ensinger celebrates insulbar insulating profiles with a major order from Western Windows Systems for North America.

7/7/2017 | 

In mourning for Martha Ensinger

Martha Ensinger, beloved wife of company founder Wilfried Ensinger, passed away on June 27 after a serious illness. The Chief Executive and employees of Ensinger share the grief of the family members at this sad time.

6/1/2017 | 

Ensinger opens a location in South Korea

Sales Office and Stock Shapes Warehouse Established. The Ensinger Korea Ltd subsidiary, which was founded this year, is based in Ilsan near Seoul.

5/15/2017 | 

Ensinger acquires Swiss composite specialist "next composites"

Finished parts from carbon reinforced thermoplastics open up a new business field. Ensinger GmbH in Nufringen has taken over Swiss plastics processing company next composites GmbH.

4/11/2017 | 

Wilfried Ensinger is awarded the Gold Medal of the Town of Rottenburg

The Town of Rottenburg has recognized Wilfried Ensinger for his outstanding social commitment. At the town's annual reception, the founder and long-standing Managing Director of Ensinger GmbH was awarded the town’s highest accolade, its gold medal, by the Mayor Stephan Neher. 

3/22/2017 | 

Aircraft Interiors - April 4-6, Hamburg

At the "Aircraft Interiors Expo" (April 4-6, Hamburg), Ensinger will show a broad spectrum of applications for the aerospace industry. The annual trade fair is the most important global suppliers’ platform for products and services related to cabin interior equipment. 

3/21/2017 | 

insulbar receives Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certificates

Ensinger's thermal insulation profiles for metal frameworks of windows, doors and façades not only increase the energy efficiency of buildings. They also meet highest sustainability standards: tested according to the demanding criteria of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, insulbar was awarded with a Material Health Certificate at the silver level for the variant ESP.

10/18/2016 | 

K 2016: Ensinger showcases its work in additive manufacturing

Wide spectrum of high-performance plastics for FFF

9/27/2016 | 

K 2016: EMI compounds developed by Ensinger

Plastic housings made from shielding compounds provide protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI)

6/22/2016 | 

Ensinger celebrates 50th company anniversary

Berthold Leibinger and Former German President Horst Köhler emphasize the importance of medium-sized Enterprises

4/7/2016 | 

Polyamide stock shapes: Automatic manufacture and quality testing

Fast, flexible custom casting made to order

11/24/2015 | 

Once again premium - Schaeffler and Continental honour Ensinger

For the third time in a row, automotive industry suppliers Schaeffler and Continental have awarded Ensinger’s injection moulding division the honour of “premium supplier”.

11/20/2015 | 

News channel picks Ensinger as "Hidden Champion 2015"

The German news channel n-tv picked out, for what is now the fifth time, the hidden champions among Germany's small- and medium-sized companies.

10/19/2015 | 

Opening ceremony: New site in Seewalchen am Attersee

Ensinger has moved the head office of its Austrian subsidiary from Lenzing to Seewalchen am Attersee.

9/6/2015 | 

Engineering plastics for harsh environments: Ensinger introduces TECAPEEK SM Spin Molded Tubes

Ensinger has announced the extension of its high performance, high temperature TECAPEEK product line, with the introduction of TECAPEEK SM Spin Molded Tubes.

9/3/2015 | 

Oil & Gas: High-performance plastics TECAPEEK first to comply both with EN ISO 23936-1 and NORSOK M-710 Standards

Ensinger announces that semi-finished products made with VICTREX® PEEK polyetheretherketone resin are the first to achieve compliance for use in highly demanding oil and gas applications according to EN ISO 23936-1:2009 as well as NORSOK M-710, Edition 3.

1/22/2015 | 

insulbar RE gets the green light from Wicona and Ensinger

Aluminium systems for windows, doors and facades are now already being fitted for the first time with thermal insulating bars made of recycled polyamide

7/30/2014 | 

Wafer production: New materials drive down the costs

Ensinger unveils two high-performance plastics for CMP applications

6/13/2014 | 

Muntin bars for the Leipzig Opera House

Gold-coloured Thermix products from Ensinger help ensure refurbishment in keeping with heritage requirements