Aerospace tubes in customised dimensions

In addition to an extensive standard range of tubes for aerospace, we also offer tubes, rods and hoses according to customer specifications. With the customised tubes, we thus offer our customers solutions that are perfectly tailored to the application and provide a number of advantages for aerospace projects. A key factor for components in aviation is weight: the lighter the tubes, the lower the paraffin consumption and the closer we come to zero emission targets for air travel. Aviation tubes from Ensinger therefore rely on the use of thermoplastic high-performance plastics and are thus up to -40% lighter than tubes made of metal alloys.

We manufacture tubes from FAR 25.853 certified materials with optimum flame protection for aviation from inert flame-protected materials such as PEEK, PPS, PEI, PPSU or flame-protection-optimised materials such as PA and PC. Our aircraft tubes thus meet the aviation industry's strict requirements for safety and qualified materials, while at the same time helping to reduce CO2 emissions, thus contributing to safe, sustainable and kerosene-reduced solutions. The advantageous properties of our customised tubes for aerospace also enable innovative new approaches, for example in air taxi or EVTOL projects.

Ready-to-install custom airplane tubing from Ensinger

  • Up to 40 % lighter than tubes made of metal alloys
  • Temperature resistant up to 260° C (PEEK) or up to 110° (PA12) 
  • Robust and excellent resistance to shocks and impacts
  • Resistant to aggressive liquids such as kerosene or hydraulic oils
  • Germ free and safe transport of liquids such as drinking water or soda ash 
  • Transport of waste water and other liquids
  • Weldable & connectable to aircraft piping system
  • Recyclable
Aerospace approved Tubes Certification

advantages of aerospace tubes from ensinger

Light as a feather for zero emission aviation: 

Every gram of weight reduction saves valuable fuel and thus supports the zero emission goals of the aviation industry. This not only makes air travel more economical and efficient, but also reduces CO2 emissions in a sustainable way. 

Tailored to your needs:

Aircraft tube systems and aviation tubes from Ensinger are precisely tailored to your application and are processed in-house. Our experts use various methods to weld tubes seamlessly and evenly into aircraft tube systems, thus ensuring optimum processing.  

Durability with high performance plastics: 

By using high performance plastics, we supply aircraft pipe systems and aviation tubes of the highest quality with up to 40% weight savings. Our high performance thermoplastics withstand high temperatures and are highly resistant to aggressive fluids, oils and gases. They are also robust, able to withstand high loads and yet flexible enough to adapt to the narrow space conditions around aircraft.

Combination of different process technologies is easily possible:

At Ensinger, we combine all process steps under one roof and can offer numerous methods and products thanks to our broad portfolio. From 3D printing, to injection molding to machining, we accompany your projects starting with the selection of the right material, right through processing to the finished components. 

Safety compliant and certified:

Materials and components for the aerospace industry are subject to strict standards. Selected materials and components are manufactured according to FAR regulations (FAR 25.853) and certified for use in aviation.  

Numerous post-processing possibilities

Our aircraft tubes can be perfectly adapted to your application. We can process tubes into ready-to-install solutions using numerous further processing options, like lasermarking, welding, cutting and many more.

Your Partner for Aircraft Tubes

Bended tubes

Plastic tubes offer numerous applications in the aerospace industry. From the safe transport of drinking water or wastewater to air conditioning, a wide range of applications are possible. Airplane tubing from Ensinger also offers numerous advantages in the cargo section of aircraft or in new air traffic equipment. We manufacture aerospace tubing to your specifications. With high manufacturing precision, many years of aerospace experience, certified materials and in-house processing. Contact us today with your aircraft tubing project.

aircraft tubes in application

Laser Marking Tubes

Laser marked tube

 made of TECAPEEK GF30

  • Laser marking adjustable to your application
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Numerous beneficial characteristics