Plastic injection molding for the aerospace industry

Technical understanding and high performance are essential for the high demands placed on materials and solutions in the aerospace industry. With years of experience in high-performance and engineering thermoplastics for aerospace, Ensinger is well positioned to find the right solution for any challenge. 
Injection molded parts used in the aerospace industry must be manufactured with the highest precision and accuracy to ensure the highest safety and performance requirements. Injection molding is one of the most common manufacturing processes for this purpose in combination with plastics used in aircraft construction. 

Advantages of aerospace injection molding solutions 

"Flight" parts and components for planes and future air cabs (eVTOL) are most of the aerospace components we manufacture. "Flight" describes critical parts for aircraft and spacecraft applications. These functional components must meet the highest performance and safety criteria. In addition, fuel efficiency and low emissions are key factors in the aerospace industry. 
Our engineers work closely with aerospace experts to ensure that parts meet the required specifications. We have technologies for the following areas, among others: 

Cost efficiency through functional integration / complex geometries

Complex assemblies of dissimilar materials and components are expensive and require precise matching of designs to ensure system fit and performance. With injection molding, we realise complex geometries with the highest precision in a cost-effective manner. By using technologies such as insert and overmolding, we integrate functionalities and replace assembly operations. Our solutions improve engineering strength and sustainability  while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Overmolding of thermoplastics composite materials 

We develop thermoplastics composites for specific applications and manufacture them in-house. Through overmolding we achieve lightweight aerospace solutions with exceptional mechanical strength and can also increase efficiency and sustainability.