Rethinking wafers with TECAWAFER®

High performance PEEK LDS wafers

Electronics developers in microsystems technology face major challenges. The long global production chain of silicon wafers, ceramic wafers or glass wafers currently available on the market often leads to significant delays and even high production losses. In addition, the complex process landscape of lithography only leaves room for individual solutions for very large quantities. This is where Ensinger Microsystems comes in: With our polymer-based wafer solutions, we are actively shaping technological progress. With TECAWAFER® we offer a completely new approach to wafer technology with a high degree of design freedom, greater packaging technology flexibility and significant simplification along the entire value chain. In this way, we reduce the dependency on long, global supply chains in wafer and sensor production and create new, individual solutions for our customers.

Your Benefits with TECAWAFER

Wafers made from conventional raw materials such as silicon wafers, glass wafers, sapphire wafers or silicon carbide wafers offer little scope for customised solutions. Our polymer-based wafers offer completely new possibilities that can be economically realised even in small quantities. Industry-specific solutions such as biocompatible wafers for medical applications are also available. We are happy to advise you individually.

  • Customised solutions even for small quantities
  • Custom designs available 
  • Biocompatible wafers available

The short supply chain for the production of our TECAWAFER® and the components made from it is completely covered locally in Germany and the EU. All process steps from compound to component are covered in-house by Ensinger and by partners integrated into the value chain. The recyclability of the materials used in the wafer also contributes to the sustainable use of resources and thus reduces the CO2 footprint.

  • Made in Germany
  • One-stop shop: All process steps covered in-house and via integrated partners
  • Recyclability of thermoplastics for reduced CO2 footprint

Due to the beneficial properties of the high performance polymer, TECAWAFER® offers unique technological advantages such as electrical insulation, thermal conductivity, LDS capability or the possibility of backside contacting through VIAs.

  • Advantages of AVT (VIAs, LDS)
  • Classic clean room processes such as lithography, PVD, PECVD or electroplating possible
  • Wire bonding on PVD surfaces possible

Our new wafer technology makes it possible to significantly shorten the value chain from raw material production to the Blanco wafer to the finished component. This leads to an enormous shortening of the supply chain and thus to an increase in delivery reliability for our customers. With TECAWAFER®, we offer a standard portfolio of wafers available from stock with a short supply chain and local production in Germany.

  • Standard portfolio of wafers available from stock
  • Short supply chain with high delivery reliability
  • Manufactured in Germany, delivered worldwide

Optimising existing components with TECAWAFER

With TECAWAFER we offer a 4" wafer (100 mm diameter) made of TECACOMP PEEK LDS as an alternative to conventional silicon, ceramic or glass wafers. TECAWAFER can be further processed by standard lithography, PVD or PECVD processes and structured by LDS processes. In addition, the use of the high performance polymer PEEK makes TECAWAFER electrically insulating, yet thermally conductive and highly resistant to chemicals and temperatures.
Unlike conventional wafers available on the market, TECAWAFER is also LDS compatible. This enables the simplest solutions in connection and interconnection technology (e.g. by applying LDS solder pads) or backside contacting through easy-to-implement VIAs (vertical interconnect access).

We can coat TECAWAFER with customised thin films using standard processes such as PVD. In addition, we can produce highly complex thin film layouts using our patented Ensinger Microsystem Technology (EMST). TECAWAFER is available in several variants, including biocompatible wafers.




Customised solutions with Ensinger Microsystems

In addition to the bare wafer, we also offer a comprehensive service along the entire wafer value chain, enabling you to make the most of the high degree of customisation offered by Ensinger Microsystems technology.

Individual microstructures

Using the patented Ensinger Microsystems process, we can create customised microstructures on the surface of our TECAWAFER, such as sensor layouts with a pitch of 10 µm or optical gratings with a pitch of up to 300 nm, using all commercially available PVD coatings.

Individual geometries

The design and geometry of the bare wafers can be tailored to customer requirements and can therefore be flexibly adapted to the individual installation situation.

Individual solutions

Our wafer is LDS-compatible, enabling more cost-effective and space-saving packaging technology. The ability to easily create micro-VIAs down to 30 µm also provides further advantages in packaging technology, such as easy backside contacting.

Sensor system


  • Sensors (temperature sensors, position or attitude sensors such as AMR and GMR sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, etc.)
  • Optical applications (CO2 sensor, Bragg gratings, fibre optics, LED sockets & more)

We are also constantly learning about new applications where our customers want to use TECAWAFER. Please contact us for a customised solution for your application.