Injection moulding process

Modern injection moulding permits components with high load-bearing properties to be produced with weights ranging between just a few tenths of a gramme and several kilos. Support during product development, versatile materials, the use of state-of-the-art CAD-CAM techniques and importantly also process-controlled machines all add up to enormous potential for production of the most demanding injection mouldings at Ensinger.

Competence in wide-ranging sectors

As a competent provider of high-precision plastics solutions, Ensinger has continued to branch out into ever new fields of application. Our products are now used not only in car clutches, gearboxes and engine block covers: Many of the bearings, bushes, levers and gears used in modern machine engineering are also made from high-performance plastics. 

Ensinger injection mouldings are also used in medical technology, for special applications in the aerospace industry, the transport sector, semi-conductor technology, process industry and many other fields.

Product examples

Thrust Washers

Ensinger injection moulded thrust washers are used primarily in those branches of industry concerned with producing gear boxes, motors and couplings. We guarantee an outstanding level of expertise, especially for dry and lubricated applications, with our customized wear-and-tear and friction-optimized speciality compounds. In this case, processes are also oriented to ensure you receive a 360° full-service spectrum of support regarding advice on materials, component construction, innovative processing technology as well as access to our material database.

Advantages of Ensinger thrust washers:

  • Tribology and versatile formulations
  • Material optimization
  • Frictional test benches

Piston Rings

The characteristic identifying feature of injection moulded piston rings is an opening in the ring as well as a defined non-cylindrical form when uninstalled. Piston rings first attain a circular shape when they are compressed into the assembled state. According to the required modulus of elasticity, mechanical strength and abrasion resistance, rectangular sealing rings and piston rings are developed from individually modified high-temperature plastics, in order to ensure optimization of machine parts exposed to dynamic friction. In this case, the respective formulations of Ensinger compounds are just as versatile as the application options. Using our long-standing experience, we can specifically implement your technical requirements and will be able to competently provide help in the technical and structural design of your products.

Advantages of Ensinger piston rings:

  • Closing geometries in different variations
  • Automated production, storage and packaging
  • Tribology and versatile formulations
  • Wear-optimized materials
  • Leakage testing with the support of external partners

Ball Sockets

Ball sockets are used mainly in the axle and steering systems of all well-known OEM and tier 1-level manufacturers. In keeping with our claim, we guarantee maximum customer utility and cost-effectiveness with our innovative, fully automated and economic production processes.

Advantages of Ensinger ball sockets:

  • Weight saving
  • Tribology
  • High level of strength and dimensional stability
  • High degree of flexural strength
  • Process monitoring

Torque Wrench used in Dental Applications

To ensure design of the component was in keeping with both the material and processes used, development and design took place in close cooperation between the customer and Ensinger. The finished injection moulded parts are subsequently transferred internally to the Machining Division. Threads and undercuts are produced in the component by finish machining processes. Following cleaning of the individual components, they are assembled and a function test is performed. Finally the locating sleeves are customer-specifically packaged under cleanroom conditions.

Advantages of Ensinger torque wrenchs:

  • Customer-specific material configuration
  • High level of dimensional stability
  • Adherence to specified tolerances guaranteed
  • Capable of superheated steam sterilization
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • In conformity with FDA and USP regulations