Injection Moulding

Quality Management and Sustainability


Quality, environmental and energy management

One of the most important objectives we strive towards is success for our customers through the use of our products. At the same time, customer satisfaction is a vital measure of our quality. 

Quality management at Ensinger is based on international standards which are firmly rooted in our processes and sequences. Our processes are designed in line with the automotive standard IATF 16949 and the requirements imposed by the aerospace industry. We confirm our adherence to these standards by internal and external audits and strive to continuously improve our work procedures. 

In these endeavours, we attach particular importance to the early prevention of defects in the product engineering process (PEP) and the timely recognition of non-conformance during manufacture. With this aim in mind, we have integrated the essential parts of the five PEP phases in our product engineering process.

We take steps to ensure the sustainable use of resources through the implementation of an environmental system in compliance with ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001.

The measurement laboratory and volume production benefit from the following resources

  • 3-D co-ordinate measuring devices (Zeiss), measuring systems
  • Optical measuring systems
  • Contour testing device
  • Surface roughness measurement device
  • Tensile and compression testing devices
  • Leak testing devices
  • Special measuring devices
  • Material laboratory equipment including DSC and TGA analytical systems
  • Profile projector
  • Tribology test rigs 

The modern injection moulding plant in Rottenburg-Ergenzingen makes use of an optimized product flow for efficient serial production of precision parts.

Zero defects production is the benchmark we aspire to.


Certificates: ISO 9001

International standard for a quality management system.

Certificates: ISO 14001

International standard for an environmental management system.

Certificates: ISO 45001

International standard for an occupational health and safety management system.

Certificates: ISO 50001

International standard for an energy management system.

Certificates: IATF 16949

International standard for a quality management system in automotive production.